Top 10 Ways to Quit Smoking

Despite active popular promotion of a healthy lifestyle, about 30% of women and almost 55% of men smoke in modern Russia. Get rid of bad habits is not easy, because nicotine is not only built into the metabolism, but also firmly enters the lifestyle.

Today we offer Top 10 ways to quit smoking .Each of these methods has helped hundreds of people for ever abandon the addiction.


  • 10. Strength and will of
  • 9. Replacement of
  • 8. For
  • 7. Sport
  • 6. Compensation of
  • 5. Quit smoking in book
  • 4. Hypnosis or coding of
  • 3. Alternative sources of nicotine
  • 2. Single flight
  • 1. Medical assistance to

10. Strength and will of

People who, in addition to these two qualities have also willpower, choose an instant way to quit smoking. He, alas, is the simplest, and the most difficult. The essence of the method is that, having smoked the last cigarette, forget about tobacco forever. Many people quit smoking in this way.

9. Replacement of

This method is based on occupying the mouth and hands with various delicacies instead of the usual cigarette. It is important only to monitor the number of calories in these very "replacements" to quit smoking, did not have to throw at the same time and eat.

8. For

It is much less painful to quit smoking if you do this with someone. You can even make a bet to bring the spirit of competition in this process. It is necessary only to observe two rules: do not cheat and spend as much time as possible next to a colleague.

7. Sports

For fans of an active lifestyle, it may well be suitable to change a cigarette for an interesting sport. Regular physical activity causes a sense of pleasure, due to biochemical processes. In this state, it is much easier and more pleasant to struggle with your bad habits. In addition, sport always improves the appearance.


remuneration The method is suitable for practical, calculating people. They calculate the amount of money saved on un-bought cigarettes, and monthly reward themselves with some pleasant purchase. This technique is very suitable for women, because it can be more pleasant than buying some trinkets.

5. Quit smoking on the book

Many smokers with a long history of forever get rid of the bad habit helped the legendary book A. Kara " Easy way to quit smoking ."This book can be bought in paper form, can be downloaded electronically, you can even write it in audio format to a phone or mp3 player.

4. Hypnosis or coding

A psychotherapist encourages a smoker that he does not want to smoke anymore. This can happen both with the use of hypnosis, and without it. It is very important that the patient himself had the desire to quit smoking and did not long for the cigarette for this reason, and not out of fear of "breaking coding".If the breakdown does occur, it is better to go to the reception again, where the doctor himself will determine what it is best to do - remove the settings or, on the contrary, intensify the impact.

3. Alternative sources of nicotine

Chewing gums and candies with nicotine, tablets from smoking, antinicotinic patches are popular in popularity with the famous book Kara. They really help to overcome physical dependence, and also overcome the "withdrawal syndrome".The problem is that if the smoker is not serious enough, all these things will be absolutely useless for him.

2. Single flight

All ingenious is simple! We throw out the last pack, get on the train and go to the wilderness. Down the line, downshifting is gradually entering fashion. Excellent for this purpose remote cordon forestry or lonely weather stations located in the taiga. Once again, you can not run for cigarettes if the nearest store is 50 kilometers away.

1. Medical Assistance

The method is suitable for people who prefer formal medicine and a scientifically based approach. The doctor, if necessary, will prescribe medications that will help cope with stress, and also help to make a regime that is optimal during the period of quitting.