Top 5 most profitable private medical companies in Russia

At the moment the market of private medical services in Russia has moderate turnover( last year the total profit of the 25 largest private medical companies was only 1 billion euros), but it is growing by 15-20% annually. The edition of RBC published a rating of private medical companies that can boast the greatest profit. Although among the non-Ministry of Health companies the largest turnover - 28 billion rubles.- has a network of clinics RZD( for comparison: the turnover of the leader of the rating, the company Medsi, is 9.8 billion rubles), it is difficult to call it private. These clinics are exclusively engaged in the work of Russian Railways and do not participate in the voluntary medical insurance market.

This is how looks like the top 5 most profitable medical companies , which occupy the largest share of the private medical services market.


  • 5. Therapeutic and Diagnostic Center. S. Berezina
  • 4. European Medical Center( EMC)
  • 3. "Mother and Child", a network of clinics
  • 2. Laboratory INVITRO
  • 1. "Medsi"

5. Medical and Diagnostic Center. S. Berezina

The MDCS was founded in 2003 and began to develop intensively. Now 20% of the number of all people who needed magnetic resonance imaging, had it in the offices of the MIBS LDC.And the number of those surveyed has increased over the years from 8,000 to 1 million. The company has more than 70 offices, which are located in 55 cities of Russia and CIS countries. LIDS MIBS is also leading in the field of radiosurgery: in the first year the company conducted more than 300 radiosurgical operations, which accounted for half of the total number produced in Russia.

4. The European Medical Center( EMC)

EMC was founded in 1989, and in 2008 it was acquired by the Nidan holding for 106.5 million. For a long time, the head of the center was Leonid Pechatnikov, who is currently deputy mayor of Moscow for social issues. The network of EMC institutions includes a hospital, various medical centers, a clinic for sports traumatology and orthopedics, a women's health center, a plastic surgery clinic and a histological laboratory, a children's clinic, a dental center and EMC Assistance, which provides support in treatment abroad.

3. "Mother and Child", a network of clinics

Group of clinics "Mother and Child" arose in 2006, when the first private maternity hospital in Russia was opened. Now the network of clinics includes 23 medical institutions( 4 hospitals and 19 outpatient clinics) offering a full range of services: from infertility treatment to diagnosis and treatment of diseases of all family members. The group employs over 5,000 qualified specialists. The company's revenue in 2014 was 7201 million rubles. Despite the difficult conditions of 2015, the total number of deliveries in the hospitals of the group increased by a quarter, the number of IVF cycles by 19%, and the total number of inpatient visits and outpatient visits increased by 53% and 39%, respectively.

2. Laboratory INVITRO

In 2015, the company INVITRO exceeded ten years from the day of its foundation. The laboratory conducts more than 1000 types of research in 700 branches in Russia and CIS countries and 8 technological complexes. Every day more than 5000 patients come to INVITRO.In 2011 and 2012, INVITRO laboratory became the winner of the contest "The best provider of medical services".

1. "Medsi"

This network of medical clinics topped the list of the richest private medical companies in Russia. Its history began in 1996, when the Medsi CJSC was established on the basis of polyclinic No. 6, which specialized so far on servicing citizens of other countries. At the moment, the Medsi network includes 32 clinics and 50 medical offices throughout Russia. And "Medsi" has specialized clinical and diagnostic centers, 4 hospitals and fitness centers. Annually the network serves half a million patients, its turnover is 9.8 billion rubles.