Top 5 best means to increase potency

With age, many men face a decrease in potency. Among the reasons doctors note the harmful effects of stress, smoking, malnutrition, as well as a number of diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular and reproductive systems.

To help men in solving such a delicate problem, our is called the Top-5 best means for increasing potency , compiled from reviews of Internet users.

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Of course, medications should be approved with a doctor, since too many of them have serious contraindications. In addition, a competent specialist will choose a treatment regimen that will make you feel better in any situation. Urologists, andrologists and sexologists say that modern medicine allows men to enjoy a full sexual life to the oldest age.

5. Popular means of potency enhancement:

  • 4. Viagra
  • 3. Laveron
  • 2. Strength of the emperor
  • 1. Tongkat ali platinum
  • 5. Folk potency enhancement means:

    • Tibetan mushroom,
    • horse chestnut,
    • juice of the century,
    • extract of aloe
    • ginger.

    All these tools are used in folk medicine in the form of decoctions, tinctures and extracts for the best for solving problems with erection .In more detail, the natural ways to increase libido, we considered in the article: the most powerful aphrodisiacs for women and men.

    4. Viagra

    is the most well-known medicament for increasing potency. The principle of the drug is based on local improvement of the blood supply to the vessels of the penis. Viagra is not an exciting tool, but it provides an erection. The drug has a lot of side effects, including headache, dizziness, dyspepsia, nasal congestion, vision change. With special care for Viagra is to treat with diseases of the cardiovascular system.

    3. LAVERON

    Russian doctors are often prescribed to patients as a means of increasing potency. The drug is compatible with the intake of alcohol and has a predominantly natural composition. Among the additional effects, there is an increase in sensitivity and an enrichment of the emotional coloring of intimacy. Among the side effects, an allergic reaction is possible.

    2. The power of the emperor

    is a biologically active additive for increasing potency. The effect of the drug is aimed at enhancing potency, improving blood supply to the pelvic organs and general strengthening of the body. Among the side effects may be increased nervous excitability. Allergic reactions, insomnia.

    1. Thongkat ali platinum

    is a preparation with mainly plant-based components: long-leafed eurycoma root extract and ginseng root extract. Increased potency is achieved by regulating the production of testosterone. In addition to problems with potency, the creators of the drug promise to help with prostate diseases. In the Russian market, Tongkat is sold for 5 years. Among the possible side effects are allergic reactions.

    Well, you can not pass by this method:

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