Top 10 Most Stressful Professions of 2016

All those who receive wages are calculated for it by a certain level of stress, both physical and psychological. To determine the most stressful professions of , CareerCast's job search site rated 200 professions according to 11 stress factors.

These include:

  • business trips;
  • terms of work;
  • relation of other people to the profession;
  • physical activity;
  • competitiveness;
  • environmental conditions;
  • potential hazards;
  • risk to your own life or the lives of others;
  • potential for growth in the number of jobs;
  • interaction with customers;
  • public relations.

This is how the top 10 most stressful jobs look like in 2016.


10. Taxi driver

  • 9. Newspaper reporter
  • 8. TV presenter
  • 7. Top manager
  • 6. Public relations specialist
  • 5. Event organizer
  • 4. Police officer
  • 3. Pilot
  • 2. Fireman
  • 1.
  • serviceman 10. Taxi driver

    Being a taxi driver means dealing with all sorts of disappointments, including rude, drunk( or both) clients and spending hours at the wheel in conditions far from comfort. And many more customers strive to escape without paying.

    9. Newspaper reporter

    The reporter's stress is caused by frequent deadlines, interviews with strangers and the possibility of traveling to a place dangerous for life and health. Nevertheless, many journalists find their work extremely useful and fascinating.

    8. TV presenter

    Both viewers and employers make very strict demands on TV presenter. Representatives of this profession should have a pleasant appearance, ideally control the voice and facial expression, have a sense of humor, good reaction, intelligence and resourcefulness. Constant speaking in public is a test for the psyche, which can lead to serious stress.

    7. Top manager of

    Who does not want to be a boss? You sit in a soft chair, give orders, and drink coffee. Ideal life. However, managers are responsible for making decisions that can lead the company to both success and ruin. And behind him there was a queue of people willing to occupy a warm place.

    6. Public Relations Specialist

    Public relations work includes communicating with different people, including loud, rude and simply inadequate. Moreover, the work can include a lot of travel and speeches. But they pay decently.

    5. Event organizer

    The tight deadlines, high expectations of customers and close attention to detail - this is what accompanies the activities of the event organizer. And even if something goes wrong, a ton of negative will immediately flow onto the organizer.

    4. Police officer

    Policemen have to face potentially life-threatening situations, they are exposed to high physical and moral demands, and the contingent with whom it is necessary to work is unpleasant. In exchange, they receive solid salaries, early retirement and generous benefits.

    3. Pilot

    The safety of an aircraft's flight depends on the skill of the pilots. Every day they work under strong psychological pressure, because their decisions potentially affect the lives of many passengers. In addition, the competition for jobs in major airlines is very tough.

    2. Firefighter

    Firefighters, like policemen, are constantly confronted with situations that threaten life. On the other hand, public attitudes toward firefighters are generally more positive than policemen. It's unlikely that you've met headlines in the press "a fireman saved a man from the fire for a big bribe."

    1. Serviceman

    The first number in the ranking of the most stressful professions is the military. Their work is associated with injuries and, possibly, death. Among military personnel taking part in combat operations, in addition to physical injuries, psychological problems and post-traumatic stress disorder are not uncommon. Moreover, it is not easy for them to apply their skills to the civilian labor market.