The most useless diets

Many people for years sit on different diets in an effort to get rid of excess weight. However, often the result either does not come at all, or in a short time the weight returns back. And the whole point is that any chosen diet should be compiled competently with taking into account the characteristics of health and metabolism, and not downloaded on the Internet from a popular forum.

In today's compilation collected the most useless diets .Unfortunately, many of them are quite popular, but extremely ineffective in the struggle for the ideal figure.

We also selected the most effective diets for you, according to numerous reviews, the latest developments of modern nutritionists.


  • 10. Diet based on chicken soup
  • 9. Chocolate diet with paste
  • 8. Cave diet
  • 7. Diet on grapefruit juice
  • 6. Diet for blood group
  • 5. Diet ABC
  • 4. Diet with the reception of activatedcoal
  • 3. Monodieta
  • 2. Cabbage diet
  • 1. Diet Beverly Hills

10. Diet based on chicken soup

The essence of the diet is that after a fairly thick breakfast on the basis of cereals and cereals during the day allowed to eat only soupon chicken broth. Diet extremely restricts the diet, excluding dairy products from it, as well as fresh vegetables and fruits. In addition, the use of meat broths causes serious doubt among nutritionists.

9. Chocolate diet with the addition of paste

Combining pasta and chocolate, many manage to lose a couple of kilograms for a short while. But sincethe diet is extremely scarce, it causes great harm to health. For breakfast and lunch only pasta and water are allowed, and in the evening you can eat up to 30 grams of chocolate. All other products are completely excluded.

8. Cave Diet

This diet is also called the Stone Age diet. In an attempt to simulate the nutrition of distant ancestors, dairy products, cereals, legumes, salt, butter and sugar are excluded from the diet. From drinks there is only water, it is possible to prepare food only by baking on coals.

7. Diet on grapefruit juice

For 12 days, every meal should be accompanied by a glass of grapefruit juice. At the same time, no restrictions are imposed on harmful products and fats. Alas, but while dieticians are not aware of any fact of successful weight loss on such a diet, but 3-4 glasses of juice may well provoke problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

6. Diet for the blood group

Someone with such a diet shows venison, and someone - sesame. To adhere to the diet for the blood group - the pleasure is rather expensive and troublesome. But there are no miraculous cases of getting rid of excess weight.

5. Diet ABC

The diet is designed for 50 days, and the daily intake of calories ranges from 150 Kcal to 500 Kcal. Such a diet can easily be brought to hospital, and lost with great difficulty weight will return almost instantly.

4. Diet with the reception of activated carbon

It is believed that such a diet quickly helps to cleanse the body. However, in practice, the hobby of sorbents leads only to the fact that a person is deprived not only of really harmful elements, but also vital elements, obtained with food.

3. Monodieta

There are a lot of such diets - chocolate, meat, kefir, etc. The main rule is there is only one chosen product. It is obvious that the diet causes deficiency of necessary substances and elements, and after its termination the organism seeks to fill the lost, actively gaining weight.

2. Cabbage Diet

Cabbage soup with the addition of other vegetables is the only dish that is available. On such a diet, the body begins to rapidly burn its own protein, i.e. To lose not fat, but muscles. In addition, cabbage diet often causes problems with the intestines.

1. Beverly Hills Diet

This diet was at one time very popular among Hollywood celebrities. Its essence is that for 10 days it is necessary to eat exclusively fruits. The diet is accompanied by a digestive tract disorder, it is extremely poor in trace elements, proteins and fats. The lost weight is returned within 1-2 months.