Rating of the best clinics in Israel

Hundreds of thousands of medical tourists come to Israel to perform plastic and cosmetic surgery, to do IVF and to cure various diseases. We have compiled the top-10 best Israeli clinics .The list includes both public and private clinics.

The ranking is based on the popularity of the clinic, the variety of specializations, the professionalism of the staff and the feedback of clients left on the official sites of the clinics.

Why patients prefer Israeli clinics:

  1. They employ highly qualified and polite medical personnel.
  2. Israel's medical centers, both public and private, have the most modern equipment.
  3. Treatment in Israeli clinics is affordable.
  4. Doctors in many clinics speak Russian.


  • 10. "Beilinson", Tel Aviv
  • 9. "Herzliya", Herzliya
  • 8. "Carmel", Haifa
  • 7. "Rambam", Haifa
  • 6. Ramat-Aviv, Jaffa
  • 5.Schneider, Petah Tikva
  • 4. Shiba, Tel-a-Shomer
  • 3. Assuta, Tel Aviv
  • 2. Ihilov, Tel Aviv
  • 1. Hadassah, Jerusalem

10."Beilinson", Tel-Aviv

http://rabin-medical.org.il/ The state clinic, part of the medical center "Rabin", is on the front flank of the Israeli health system. It offers excellent medical care in the field of neurosurgery, general surgery, cardio-vascular surgery, and oncology. Beilinson also has the largest transplant department in Israel.

9. Herzliya, Herzliya

http://www.hmc-israel.org.il/ This private medical center is being used not only by Israelis, but also by employees of foreign consulates and embassies, which speaks for exceptionally high standards of service andprofessionalism of doctors.

Herzliya offers services in general and vascular surgery, neurosurgery and cardiology, thoracic orthopedics, proctology, gynecology, urology, oncology, gastroenterology, pediatrics and ophthalmology.

8. "Carmel", Haifa

http: //www.carmelmc.com/ The main activities of this private clinic are ophthalmology, gynecology, oncology, orthopedics, general surgery, cardiology and neurosurgery. In "Carmel" is drawn a lot of married couples who want to make IVF.

7. "Rambam", Haifa

State multidisciplinary research center with an international office for foreign patients. It carries out particularly complex surgical manipulations using the "Da Vinci Robot", sparing operations on the spine as much as possible, and unique microsurgical procedures for treating the youngest patients.

6. Ramat Aviv, Jaffa

http: //rus.mcra.co.il/ One of the largest private medical institutions in Israel. It offers services in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, urological, ophthalmic and a number of other medical problems. The clinic has an ECO department.

5. "Schneider", Petah-Tikva

http://www.schneider-hospital.ru/ On the question "in which clinic of Israel is it better to undergo examination for the child?" An unequivocal answer will be - in "Schneider".This is the only highly specialized pediatric center in the entire Middle East. Here, small patients suffering from oncological diseases, epilepsy, heart and vascular diseases and other ailments are treated and undergoing rehabilitation.

4. Shiba, Tel-a-Shomer

http://www.sheba-hospital.org.il/ The State Hospital, which has a children's ward of Safra, a rehabilitation clinic, as well as services related togeriatrics and psychiatry. Annually in "Shibu" apply more than one million patients.

3. Assuta, Tel Aviv

http: //ru.assuta.co.il/ Known as the largest and most advanced private clinic in the Middle East. Doctors perform innovative surgical operations and diagnostic procedures in all fields of medicine, including cardiology, oncology, gynecology, urology, etc.

2. "Ichilov", Tel Aviv

http: //ichilov.net/ The State Clinic is a part of the Suraski Medical Center,the second largest in the country. There are more than 150 polyclinic departments, including children's, cardiological, neurosurgical, orthopedic and neurological.

1. Hadassah, Jerusalem

http: //www.hadassah.ru/

The Israeli hospital is headed by the state hospital, which treats both Israelis and visitors from the countries of the former USSR.It offers services in 18 areas, including oncology, nephrology, ophthalmology, urology, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology and heart operations. Also in "Hadassah" you can make a unique non-surgical procedure for ligation of the fallopian tubes. The hospital staff speaks Russian.