The most popular medicines and frequent illnesses of recent years

How not to go crazy and get to work. We are afraid to spend even a couple of days on the sick leave, going to work in any condition, and nervous overloads make us seriously afraid of the development of mental disorders. Thanks to the statistics of appeals courtesy of the "Medicine for You" service, the editorial staff was able to analyze 's most frequent user requests for various medicines, and make a list of the most "popular" diseases of our time.

Today's reality requires people to be active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;to go in for sports, overcoming natural laziness;work on wear and tear in an attempt to reach incredible career heights;eat properly, excluding from the diet fats, "fast" carbohydrates and even meat;leave the comfort zone and deny yourself the pleasure of spending several hours in a blissful doing nothing.

This state of affairs also formed a "map of illnesses" of our time, noting its tendency to nervous and mental disorders, all kinds of joint diseases, digestive problems, insomnia and decreased immunity. But first things first.


  • Means for the prevention of schizophrenia
  • Means for the prevention of osteochondrosis
  • Means for the treatment and prevention of digestive diseases
  • Means for insomnia
  • Means for improving immunity

Means for the prevention of schizophrenia

According to the statistics provided by the service "Medicine for you", the top line of the ratingthe popularity among medications is occupied today by drugs for the prevention of schizophrenia. These are antipsychotics, which are prescribed both for exacerbations and as preventive maintenance of the disease at any stage.

Today there is scientific evidence that this mental disorder is hereditary. In other words, the children of parents who are carriers of the disease inherit the schizophrenia gene. However, only 15% -40% of the carriers of the gene are affected. Why not all? Because, in addition to the genetic predisposition, there are also external factors that can lead to the development of the disease. Among them there are constant stresses, nervous overloads, strong negative experiences. In a word, constant companions of the life of a modern active person.

Means for the prevention of osteochondrosis

Many people mistakenly believe that all kinds of arthrosis, arthritis and osteochondrosis can appear only in old age. In fact, this is not at all the case: the disease can develop at any age and cause a lot of trouble for young and full strength man.

Osteochondrosis is a complex of disorders in articular cartilage. Most often, the disease affects the intervertebral discs and the cervical section. The causes of osteochondrosis can be incorrect posture for sitting or sleeping, become habitual, lack of movement or, on the contrary, excessive physical exertion, obesity, malnutrition and even stress. For the prevention of the disease, it is recommended to take a closer look at your daily diet, do a regular warm-up regularly, do not overdo it with exercises in the gym and select comfortable pillows for sleeping. And, of course, less nervous.

Means for the treatment and prevention of digestive diseases

Every second resident suffers from various problems with digestion. No wonder: a modern look at the daily diet assumes either absolute indifference to the quality and quantity of consumed products, or, on the contrary, excessive attention to fashion trends and blind faith in the magic of vegetarianism or raw food.

The first way to organize nutrition is fraught with the development of gastritis or even peptic ulcer, because it involves snacks on the run and consumption of a large amount of harmful food. The second look at your own diet, on the one hand, is more healthy, but, on the other hand, is too dependent on modern fashion trends. So, vegetarianism and nutrition exclusively raw products can perfectly fit the body of one person, but it is easy to disable the other. Therefore, it is recommended to proceed not from the general enthusiasm for a fashionable trend, but from considerations of one's own well-being.

Remedies for insomnia

Modern young people and, in particular, the residents of the capital, chronically do not get enough sleep. The urge to make it all makes us fill the day with actions to the point of denial, depriving ourselves of such a necessary rest. Such a rhythm of life forces the body to work for wear, and when we finally have a happy opportunity to get a good night's sleep, we can not calm the mind and disconnect from a million cases that we have already remade and that we still have.

Insomnia is also promoted by the widespread habit of completing the day, lying in bed with a smartphone and flipping through an endless news feed. A bright light source in front of the eyes at a time when the whole room is submerged in darkness, activates the brain's work at a time when it should gradually relax and prepare for bed. Experts recommend several ways to get rid of insomnia: turn off gadgets an hour before going to bed, tightly curtain the curtains in the bedroom, before ventilating the room, and fall asleep not only in the dark, but in silence - without the familiar for many music in headphones.

Means to enhance immunity

Improper nutrition, lack of useful vitamins and trace elements in the diet, poor ecology and persistent stress provoke malfunctions in the immune system. An additional factor is our habit of depriving the body of the opportunity to fight independently, for example, with the flu or ARVI.The desire to remove the unpleasant symptoms of diseases as soon as possible causes us to take antibiotics or go to work without being cured. Both that and another is fraught with weakening of natural immunity, and sometimes serious complications.

You should not rush into the office at the first sign of recovery and, especially, appear in crowded places, if you are still seriously ill. Give yourself the opportunity to recover, and your body - to cope with the virus or bacterial infection yourself. Only in this case the immune system will work normally, and you will be sick much less often.

- There is nothing good in making your body work for wear, - says the head of the reference "Medicine for you" Irina Syrova, - overload him with physical exertion, heavy food or make him stay awake for more than 16 hours a day. Analyzing the statistics of our most frequent queries, we can draw unequivocal conclusions: today we do not have enough time to take care of ourselves. We strive to catch everything, forgetting about the main thing: the most valuable thing that we have is health, and it should be protected.