Top 5 professions dangerous for the heart and blood vessels

Some people with excessive weight and problems with the cardiovascular system blame it for their addiction to sweets, some blame the sedentary lifestyle, but it turned out that there is something else that negatively affects the heart and waist size.

Scientists from the American Heart Association( AKA) have found that people in some professions are at greater risk of developing obesity and heart and vascular problems.

In order to understand this, scientists examined 5.5 thousand people over 45 years old. They measured blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol, asked about diet, addiction to smoking and checked for obesity.

Here are the top 5 professions that can become a problem for your heart( and your waistline).


  • 5. Managers, lawyers, medical professionals, accountants and businessmen
  • 4. Culinary specialists
  • 3.
  • loaders 2. Police officers and firefighters
  • 1. Vendors and entrepreneurs

5. Managers, lawyers, doctors, accountants and businessmen

The healthiest professionals in this study. They go to the gym quite regularly and 75% of respondents are considered at least moderately active. One-third of the subjects had an ideal body weight. And rarely you will find a manager who smokes with a client outside the office. Not surprisingly, only 6% of respondents are smokers. But many representatives of these professions are not averse to eating fast food.

4. Cooks

Funny, but true: people who work with food themselves often have harmful eating habits. This is evidenced by the data of the AKA study. About 75% of cooks suffer from excess weight of


loaders The most smoking people in the rating of dangerous professions for the heart. Almost a quarter of those polled by AKA specialists "smoke like locomotives," which does not contribute to lung health or to a good cardiovascular system.

2. Police Service and Firefighters

People who are in charge of our security often can not protect their heart from the disease. In order to serve in the police, it is necessary to meet strict standards, including physical ones, however 90% of police officers participating in the study were obese or overweight, 77% had high cholesterol and 35% had high blood pressure.

Like the police, the valiant fire fighters who participated in the study did not differ in their fragile physique.

1. Vendors and entrepreneurs

The vast majority of sellers in this study seem to sell their health better than the goods. Of the total number of subjects studied, 68% had bad diet habits and 69% had a high cholesterol level. So they are likely to receive an instructive lecture from a cardiologist.

As for entrepreneurs, they neglect the gym, and only 20.8% of the subjects regularly engage in physical activity. After all, the work will not wait!

Earlier studies have shown that a number of occupations that are included in the "unhealthy list" require people to perform shift work, sleep little and contribute to a high level of stress. A lack of sleep and frequent unrest can lead to malnutrition, the desire to drink more and smoke.

The authors of the study not only reported the negative consequences of different professions. At the same time, they offered simple steps to prevent and obesity and heart disease.

  1. Make yourself a healthy lunch and take it to work, instead of going to lunch at a lunch break at the nearest cafe.
  2. If possible, prefer the elevator ladder.
  3. Set aside half your lunch for an hour and go for a walk.