The most frequent diseases of office workers

Office workers are among the most unhealthy groups of people in the labor market. Daily sitting for many hours in a sitting position entails pain in the back, visual impairment and other problems.

We present to you top-5 most common diseases of office workers .


  • 5. Backstroke problems
  • 4. Obesity and heart disease
  • 3. Eye strain
  • 2. Tunnel wrist syndrome
  • 1. Stress

5. Problems with the spine

Many "white collars" sit behind the workstation in not toocomfortable chair and in a position far from what is shown in the pictures "correct posture".Because of this, there are pains in the back, especially in the lower part of the spine.

Long stay in one position adversely affects the hip flexor muscles. A badly flexing muscles of the hip can contribute to the appearance of back pain, since the strained hips cause the pelvis to tilt forward, straining the back of the back.

As a preventive measure, you need to take regular breaks in sedentary work, at least go for a cup of tea or coffee.

4. Obesity and heart disease

Workers of mental work move very little during the working day. And when they return home, they become so tired that after dinner they lie on the couch or sit at their home computer. Such a sedentary lifestyle entails the risk of developing heart and vascular diseases. And the fats that have accumulated during the many daytime snacks, do not have time to spend. Obesity is one of the leaders in the black list of diseases of office workers.

In order not to count the folds at the waist and not to grasp the heart, you should give the body a physical load( at least 30 minutes a day), take home dinner with you instead of different "quick soups", and drink more water. The stomach filled with water requires less food.

3. Overexertion of the eyes

The feeling of "sand in the eyes" and blurred vision is included in the top 5 complaints of office workers. Uninterrupted, hours of work at the computer - what can be more favorable for the appearance of problems with vision? Unpleasant sensations in the eyes, as well as pain in the neck or occiput may be signs of severe eye fatigue. Avoid near-sightedness, dry eye syndrome, hyperopia and other diseases can be done by making regular breaks in work and giving the eyes a rest.

2 . Tunnel wrist syndrome

Any action that repeats over and over again( such as typing or moving the mouse) can lead to injury or pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common diseases of office workers. Its symptoms are: tingling, numbness, itching, or even acute pain that occurs when the nerve that passes through the forearm is squeezed between bones and tendons in the wrist. To avoid the emergence of tunnel syndrome, you need to hold the brush straight while working with the mouse. The brush should be on the table, as far from the edge as possible. For additional convenience, you can buy a mouse pad with rubberized inserts.

1. Stress

Stress can be a problem for a person of any profession. But office workers who do not perform physical work have fewer opportunities to "release steam" to get rid of some of the negative emotions. According to the consulting firm RJC Associates, about 22% of US office workers were brought to tears because of stress in the workplace and 9% of employees claim that stress led to physical violence. To manage stress, relaxation and deep breathing techniques are used, and one way to reduce stress as the most frequent illness of office workers is video games, such as the good old Tetris.