Top-7 motivating stimuli for weight loss

In the fight against excess weight, the beautiful half of humanity is ready to go for everything, but there are those who lack the stimulus. To fight against excess weight was successful, it is important to find motivation, and the results of weight loss will soon be visible to the naked eye.


  • To itself the chronicler
  • The road of lipstick after a dinner
  • How it would be desirable to fall in love!
  • Together for fun shapety
  • Musical accompaniment
  • Greens - an important product
  • Sweet life

To itself the chronicler

In the "food" diary fix your personal achievements and misses, list all the eaten calories, set a goal and designate the "figure of your dreams."After getting rid of the "surplus", keep a diary to get the most effective diet for your body.

Lipstick road after lunch

In a prestigious cosmetic store or boutique, buy yourself an expensive lip gloss or lipstick fashionable and famous brand. After eating, apply makeup on the lips. Trying to keep it on your lips longer, you will try to do without snacks and eventually stop paying attention to tempting delicacies.

How you want to fall in love!

Choose yourself an object of passion - preferably inaccessible and unattainable - and fall in love with it. .. unrequited. Love troubles stimulate the game of hormones and, consequently, the metabolism so that you do not remember about dinners.

It's fun to slim away

Well, if in your environment there is a colleague or girlfriend who also grows thin and easily says goodbye with kilograms. Perhaps she will be able to share with you a sensible advice or a list of the most low-calorie foods. The competitive moment motivates you to eat less, drink more and lose weight.

Musical accompaniment

For serving the table use blue dishes - it reduces appetite. Cook meals in small portions. Sitting at the table, turn on the music and slowly chew food. After a few days you will stop overeating, and the arrow of the weights will start moving towards the cherished figure.

Greens are an important product of

Having spent the winter in vitamins, in the spring we are happy to go to the market to buy the first fresh greens from the beds. Sweet cherry, onion, green lettuce. .. There are few calories in them, they are rich in vitamins and minerals, and ballast substances well saturate the body. Using a lot of greens, you will notice that gradually lose weight.

Sweet life

Cakes and cakes will sweeten life, but will make any diet the most useless, so you have to forget about them. However, it's not worth completely refusing the delicacies, just need to know the measure. You can afford a natural berry marmalade or a pastille.