The highest paid professions

In order to earn well you do not need to be a Hollywood star or president of the United States. This article will dispel the myth of all your illusions. Not long ago the list was published: the highest paid professions of in the USA.I present it to you today:


  • Number 10. Manager in natural sciences
  • Number 9. Marketing Manager
  • Number 8. Computer and Information Systems Manager
  • Number 7. Air Traffic Control Manager
  • Number 6
  • Lawyer Number 5. Dentist
  • Number 4. Civil Aviation Pilot
  • Number 3. Technical Manager
  • Number 2. Chief Executive Officer( CEO)
  • Number 1. Surgeon

Number 10. Manager in Natural Sciences

The highestrplata: $ 97560( in)

Duration of training: 6 years

Managers science oversee the work of other researchers from different directions: agronomists, chemists, biologists and geologists. Usually, they are engaged in research in the field of pharmacology, consultations on environmental issues or work in urban organizations.

Most often, managers in the natural sciences organize their own consulting or research companies, and can act as eyewitnesses in the course of court hearings.

You need to have a bachelor's degree, but to get to the top, it's great to have a master's degree in economics or a doctorate. Fortunately, many future employers themselves pay for training.

In addition, the best and most highly paid managers in the field of natural sciences can get in their firms and other key positions in marketing, sales or finance. It so happened that in order to successfully solve complex financial problems, much broader knowledge is needed in all areas of human knowledge.

Number 9. Marketing Manager

Highest salary: $ 100020

Duration of training: 4 to 6 years

Marketing managers, like CEOs, are employed in all industries at all levels of responsibility. In a small accounting firm, a marketing manager can simultaneously engage in advertising the company itself in the Yellow Pages( a directory with information on a wide range of topics about organizations, institutions and enterprises that are divided into thematic areas, geographical principle, etc.)., and the manager in the company, represented in the list of 500 best firms of the magazine "Fortune", is responsible for concluding a multimillion-dollar contract.

Marketing managers can also engage in public relations, brand development, and the purchase of advertising space in the media, and the development of advertising firms, and even financial analytics.

The level of responsibility is a function that depends on the size of the organization in which the manager and the company's focus are working. For example, a marketing manager in a Fortune company dealing with customer issues will receive much more than a marketing manager in a small consulting firm.

Practical experience of negotiating, solving financial problems and other business skills - all this is taken into consideration. In most cases, marketing managers are trained for 4 years( bachelor's), and a master's degree in management economics will definitely help to climb the working ladder.

Number 8. Computer and Information Systems Manager

Highest salary: $ 100110

Duration of training: 4 to 8 years

Managers of computer and information systems are responsible for the overall strategy and direction of planning and development of information technology companies. Many of them start as programmers or analysts, but as you gain experience and conceptual knowledge, some of them can manage the information systems of the whole enterprise. In the conditions of rapid development of modern technologies, in most firms this profession is highly valued and, accordingly, paid.

Elements of this profession are: surveillance of information technology security, information management, development of information technologies, choice of software and application support, and analysis of compliance of the product being developed to specifications.

And yet this is a fairly new industry, there are a lot of stories that tell about only gifted programmers who have taken a very high position in their companies without having a corresponding scientific degree.

Although now more and more employers are choosing candidates for this position, which have a bachelor's degree in computer science or mathematics, and at times a higher degree.

Number 7. Air Traffic Control Manager

Highest salary: $ 100,430

Training period: 9 years

The Federal Aviation Administration of the United States( FAA) deals almost exclusively with employment of such experts. Air traffic controllers are responsible for the safe operation of private and commercial airlines.

First and foremost, the responsibility is to coordinate the movement of aircraft in the airspace( all aircraft must stay apart from each other at a safe distance in order to minimize delays in the movement of aircraft).As a rule, the team of air traffic controllers works together and coordinates the take-off and landing of aircraft, the supply of buses to the exits at the airport, and communication with pilots and a warning about bad weather conditions.

To become an air traffic controller, you must sign up for a special program approved by the FAA, and pass all the checks. Exceptions can only be made to those who already have experience in aviation or military fields. As a rule, you need 4 years of training, three years of experience and your application for the exam.

If you have been selected and successfully passed the exam, then you will have a 12-week training, according to which you will receive the specialty of the route developer. And only after 2-4 years of work in this specialty, you will receive the profession of an air traffic controller.

Number 6.

lawyer Highest salary: $ 110,590

Duration of training: 7 years

The legal system covers almost every aspect of our society. We are all familiar with criminal and administrative law, but everything is much more difficult. Commercial law, international law, family law, private law, intellectual property and civil law - everything needs to be taken into account.

Individual lawyers choose a separate industry( construction, collection and disposal of waste, safety or insurance), while others deal with contracting matters, or represent the prosecutor / defendant's side in court.

This industry is well regulated, and experts engaged in it adhere to a very strict moral code. Lawyers are required to pass examinations for a lawyer, offered by the state. Although in most cases, lawyers are required to have a bachelor's degree and graduate from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association, which takes about 3 years.

No. 5. Dentist

Highest salary: $ 132660

Duration of training: 8 years

There are many professions in this field, including orthodontists, maxillofacial surgeons and pediatricians, many of whom are practicing physicians. In general, private dentists are engaged in other activities, including the maintenance and administration of accounts.

In all states, dentists need a license, therefore candidates are required to finish one of the 56 accredited schools. Graduates take written and practical exams. However, in most schools only a two-year college education is required, most of all candidates receive a bachelor's degree. Training in special schools takes from 3 to 4 years, and if you want to specialize in some field, it will take another 2 to 5 years of training.

Number 4. Civil Aviation pilot

Highest salary: $ 134090

Training period: 5 to 10 years

The pilot is not only the captain of a commercial airliner. He can fly on helicopters, be a test pilot, director of airlines, spray fertilizers on fields, track air traffic and fly cargo planes.

Perhaps everyone knows about the advantages of commercial airline pilots( under the terms of the Federal Aviation Administration of the FAA, they should not have more than 100 flight hours per month).Although getting this specialty is not so simple. In order to obtain a pilot's certificate is required, first of all, so that you are 18 years of age or older, and secondly, you must have at least 250 flight hours.

To be the pilot of commercial flights, you must be at least 23 years old, not less than 1500 flying hours, and you must pass the FAA exams( written, flight and instrument).

Here you do not need any four-year education. Although due to the increased level of competitiveness, more and more firms require candidates to have a bachelor's degree. Due to the fact that( and very expensive) flight hours are required, many pilots acquire their own experience in the army.

Although there are a large number of private flying schools. Then, as you became a pilot, the captain of an airplane, you will be able to become only an hourly 5-15 years. After that, you can reap the benefits of your own efforts in the form of increased payment and the choice of flight routes.

Number 3. Technical Manager

Highest salary: $ 140210

Training period: 6 to 7 years

Engineering managers are responsible for planning, coordination, research, design and production. Most often, engineers supervise the work of managers of natural sciences and managers in computer and information systems, i.e.2 professions already on our list.

As a rule, engineering managers identify certain engineering and scientific tasks, give their general idea, collect their implementation and, in some situations, are responsible for the financial viability of the new project. For example, engineering managers can actively develop new projects in the field of real estate, or deal with technical problems of production.

Although the most highly paid are the engineering executives involved in the production of semiconductors and electronic devices.

Most of the technical supervisors have a bachelor's degree, and many of them also receive a master's degree in management economics, a master's degree or a doctorate.

Number 2. Chief Executive Officer( CEO)

Highest salary: $ 140,880
Duration of training: various
The CEO is the company's most important official( and most often the highest paid).He is responsible for the strategic direction and operational and production management of the company.
As a rule, the CEO is headed by the managing board, which is selected by the shareholders. Although in smaller companies the CEO is not just the chairman of the board of directors, he is the entire governing board.
There are many ways to become a CEO.
In large companies from the list of the magazine "Fortune", it is possible to see an employee with a 30-year term of work in a managerial position, along with a hired seasonal executive director. Or maybe just make your own company and make yourself the chief executive officer.
In the case of corporations, it is necessary to have a bachelor's degree, and it is excellent to have a master's degree in economics of management, however it is not so important. Have you heard about Bill Gates?

Number 1. Surgeon

Highest salary: $ 181850

But the most highly paid player in the world, unfortunately, gets more.

Duration of training: 10 to 15 years
Despite the fact that many medical professions are expensive, Surgeons are leaders in the ranking: is the highest paid profession of .From this point of view, the best are surgeons, and especially therapists. Quite a lot of this cohort are dealing with the problems of the heart and brain of a person.
Even for general surgery and small operations, additional formal training and years of experience are required. Naturally, to start a long and thorny path up, you are quite and bachelor's degree, although it is preferable to choose biology or another science, becauseIt is possible to obtain general knowledge for admission to medical school.
After the college, plan immediately 4 years of medical school, the first 2 of which you will spend in the classrooms, and 2 more will work with patients under the guidance of doctors-educators. The next step is residency. It can take from 3 to 7 years, depending on the candidate's desire to obtain a certain specialization.
Moreover, the candidate must necessarily pass the licensing.
Despite the fact that this profession is so highly paid, everything is not so simple and not cheap: over 80 percent of graduates of medical schools have tuition debts.