Best mobile banks, rating apps on Android

Analytical Agency Markswebb Rank &Report, whose clients are many banks, has issued an annual rating of mobile banks. The services included in it were evaluated according to 200 criteria. At the same time, the results of an online survey of Runet users, the results of a desk survey of interfaces and usability testing, which involved clients of Russian credit organizations, were taken into account.

The first lines of the rating were taken by banking organizations that maximally approached their mobile applications to the Internet bank.

We present to you the top-10 banks that released the best mobile banking applications for Android .


  • 10. Raiffeisenbank
  • 9. Vanguard
  • 8. VTB 24
  • 7. Alfa Bank
  • 6. MDM Bank
  • 5. Promsvyazbank
  • 4. Sberbank
  • 3. Communications Bank
  • 2. Uralsib
  • 1. Tinkoff Bank

10. Raiffeisenbank

Opens the rating of mobile banks, a free application R-Mobile to manage finances from tablets and smartphones with iOS and Android. The application can be used by those who are not a customer of the bank. Raiffeisenbank's news, search for the nearest ATMs, information about bank branches, calculators of credits and currencies will be available to them.

9. "Vanguard"

With the mobile application of this bank it is possible to pay for services of 250 companies, transfer money from the card to a card, get information about the working hours of bank branches, their addresses and the availability of banknotes in ATMs, draw up and dissolve deposits. The program will "tell" where the nearest to the client are shopping and service points, which give discounts when paying for cards of the "Vanguard".

8. VTB 24

The mobile application of this bank allows you to find out the status of your account and loan, pay utility services and account for the Internet, send money to another bank or to VTB 24 client card, and perform a number of other operations.

7. Alfa Bank

Last year, Alfa Mobile took the second place in the list of the best mobile banks for Android, typing 73 points out of 100. It allows you to pay traffic police fines, utility bills and the Internet, transfer between accountsor the client of the bank and find out if the nearest ATM is working.

6. MDM Bank

In the mobile bank MDM mobile you can repay loans, transfer money to MDM Bank's clients and other banking organizations, pay for services of 400 companies, block a lost or stolen card, replenish deposits and find out the necessary information about the bank's separation or anyfrom ATMs.

5. Promsvyazbank

With the help of mobile service PSB-Mobile, you can view the history of orders, make payments on a saved template, find out the status of the account, deposit, credit and receive statements on cards and accounts.

4. Sberbank

Convenient sms-service from Sberbank, with which it understands "both old and small" allows you to pay for any mobile phone, ask for a balance on the cards and receive notices of debited( or transferred to the card) funds, send money to someone else's Sberbank cardand transfer them between their cards, activate the Autopayment service, and perform many other actions with their finances.

3. Communications bank

Customers of the bank who have tablets or smartphones on the Android OS can download the mobile application QBank, with which all payments and transfers created in the Internet bank are automatically integrated. Like the applications of other banks, QBank allows you to find out where the nearest ATMs are located, when the branches of the bank are opened and closed, and what are the exchange rates for the current date.

2. Uralsib

Accept personal offers from the bank, make ruble transfers to others or transfer money between own cards, repay loans, get access to 8000 service providers, open demand accounts and time deposits - all this can be done inmobile bank from Uralsib.

1. Tinkoff Bank

The mobile service of this bank scored the highest score( 70) based on Markswebb Rank &Report. For that, he received the title " Best Mobile Bank " for Android 2015.Allows you to use the Touch ID input instead of an access code. In the service interface, all products( cards, savings accounts, deposits, loans, etc.) are visible, and transaction histories for all customer products are combined into a single tape, which is convenient for cost analysis.