The top five blogging services Runet

Today there are many services for creating personal blogs. Such a variety can easily confuse both a beginner and a seasoned user of the Internet network. Blog-services constantly compete with each other, introduce changes, but, in fact, the bulk of such services are continuous repetitions of opportunities, properties of each other and even design. To help you better navigate the web, we created top-5 of the most popular blogging services , seriously winning against their competitors.


  • 1. LiveJournal
  • 2. LiveInternet
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5. Love Planet

1. LiveJournal

And the first position in our top is occupied by LiveJournal or LiveJournal, popularly calledin a simple way - "Learn".The most famous service with the number of blogs exceeding the competitors' performance. LJ also provides the opportunity to create a blog or a whole network of blogs for links. If you need to promote the site in the search for a few lines up, or you are looking for an additional audience, you can safely use the services of LiveJournal. Believe me, this service will not let you down. Walk through the communities - a variety of thematic resources presented there with a lot of readers will pleasantly surprise you.

2. LiveInternet

LiveInternet - this service reminds LJ, however there are some differences. And the main thing is that there is no link attribute "dofollow"( that is, you can not create a blog for links anymore).Nevertheless, this opens up new opportunities for you, namely, making money for the sale of links. Plus on this server, if desired, you can attach a second-level domain.


Ya. Ru is a branch of the Yandex search engine, which provides contextual advertising services, which can be ordered using the largest in Russia advertising and marketing agency on the Internet - the company Mediosphere. Its feature - the presence of CU, that is, the ratio of your activity and response to it from others. You will be credited with points, from which later the CG is added. Find your coefficient is very simple, just go to your site - under your avatar will be reflected a special measuring scale. Just like in LiveJournal - the community, there are clubs here.


The fourth place in the top of the most popular blog services Runet is This service is similar to its competitor from the second position - LiveInternet, however links have the attribute "dofollow", as well as our winner - Learn.

5. Love Planet

Our Love Planet dating site is closing our gorgeous five. Do not be surprised, because, despite its main profile and purpose, this service is perfectly suited for online diaries. If, of course, you are ready to believe Yandex. Having looked through a couple of blogs, you can understand that this service also perfectly copes with PR services.

Let's sum up. Walking through the top five best services, we learned their features and the main differences from each other. Now, depending on the purpose for which you are going to start a blog, you can easily calculate the pros and cons of our top contenders and draw the main conclusions. For successful promotion of projects, for example, we recommend such services as and LiveJournal.