Top 5 tips on how to get rid of the smell of shoes at home

Everyone was faced with unpleasant moments associated with the smell of feet and shoes. This can significantly harm the person. In addition, in wet and badly smelling boots, walking is not very comfortable.
There are a variety of very different methods that combat this common phenomenon. But not all of them cope with "hurray" with the problem. Experts sing out the 5 best ways of to get rid of the smell of shoes at home , without the use of sprays and deodorants . You do not need to worry if you suddenly have to take off your shoes at a doctor's or guest's reception.

Tip # 1: Drying

  • Tip # 2: Low temperatures
  • Tip # 3: Wash
  • Tip # 4: Citrus in aid of
  • Tip # 5: Paper and newspapers
  • Tip # 1: Drying

    The simplest and most accurate adviceis drying shoes. The dry environment is very disliked by bacteria. In dryness they simply can not live. But this method will have to be used every time an unpleasant odor of sweat develops. Daily drying of shoes not everyone will like. But, fortunately, there are other secrets that will save you and your shoes from this problem.

    Tip # 2: Low temperatures

    Wonderfully cope with a similar task frost. If there is free space in the freezer, send your sneakers or boots to the evening. Bacteria also can not survive in this environment. By morning the smell will disappear. To the feet are not frozen in stone shoes, they should be a few minutes of sunbathing.

    Tip # 3: Wash

    This advice is also good. Only it is necessary to resort to those days when you do not hurry anywhere( or you have spare shoes).Dry after washing, sneakers or other shoes made of fabric will be long. Before turning on the machine, make sure that the shoes are in a special bag. You can use an old pillowcase, throw a robe( towel) in the drum. Do not set the heat and turn on the centrifuge. Drying shoes also should not occur on the battery. She should dry herself, without applying any additional effort.

    Tip # 4: Citrus fruits to help

    To quickly remove the odor from the shoe by an improvised means, you can use an orange peel, put grapefruit or lemon inside the shoes. In the crust of each of these fruits contain essential oils. If during the whole night one of the citrus fruits lays in the shoes, the unpleasant smell of them will leave. A wonderful remedy is also lavender oil. Do not regret a few drops for the insoles.

    Tip # 5: Paper and newspapers

    When wet shoes are recommended to use crumpled newspapers( paper) or filler for toilets of cats. Paper can absorb excess moisture and eliminate unpleasant odor.