Rating of cleaning companies in Moscow, top-10 best

It's good to get back to work every day from work in a clean, well-groomed house with washed floors and perfectly clean glass panes. Even better, when someone instead of you cleans the building of construction debris and tear it off to a shine. Fortunately, there are cleaning companies that, for a modest fee, will save individuals and organizations from the domestic routine. The rating of cleaning companies in Moscow is made according to one of the largest specialized sites of the Russian-language Internet.

The methodology for identifying the best cleaning companies in Moscow and the Moscow region takes into account:

  • voices and reviews of real service users;
  • ratio of positive and negative reviews;
  • number of regular customers;
  • cost of services;
  • experience in the market;
  • quality of cleaning.


  • 10. Purely Clearing
  • 9. Absolute Cleaning Service
  • 8. April
  • 7. Premier service
  • 6. Olva
  • 5. SOL
  • 4. Clear light
  • 3. OMC
  • 2. Cristanval
  • 1. Almin CleaningService

10. Pure Clearing

Opens the top-10 cleaning companies of Moscow an organization that has been operating on the market for more than a decade. According to the representatives of the company, their employees do everything quickly and with a big smile on their face.

9. Absolute Cleaning Service

ACS specializes in complex cleaning of premises, including general cleaning and cleaning after construction works. It is also possible on the site to agree on more complex orders such as clearing glazing with the use of industrial alpinism, cleaning roofs, assisting in the operation of engineering facilities, managing the hotel industry and much more.

8. April

April has rich experience in servicing commercial real estate - industrial enterprises, shopping centers, government institutions, fitness clubs, business centers, and offices of various companies, sometimes very famous. It is also possible to conclude a contract for the maintenance of the territories adjoining the building.

7. Premier service

From office premises "Premier Service" has moved to help in the operation of real estate, then to industrial enterprises, business centers and shopping complexes. In 2008, the effective activity of the company was appreciated by the premium "High Quality of Service".For cleaning, only effective and environmentally safe certified products are used.

6. Olva

This veteran in the market of cleaning services. Already more than 20 years the organization is engaged in servicing of real estate objects - offices, warehouses, retail areas, production facilities. Olva has its own fleet of specialized machines and a repair base for the equipment.

5. SOL

In addition to the actual cleaning services, the company also offers laundry and dry cleaning services. The range of cleaning options is quite varied - from private premises( including after construction or renovation or before / after holidays) to seasonal washing with the involvement of industrial climbers and maintenance of industrial facilities for which employees with appropriate qualifications and admission are required.

4. Clean light

One of the largest cleaning companies existing on the Russian market - at present, more than 16 000 people provide cleaning services. Offers both daily and seasonal cleaning of premises and adjacent areas. In addition, the company helps organize wardrobes, laundries, children's clubs and other types of administrative.

3. OMC

This is one of the few companies that provide services in shift camps in oil and gas fields. Employees of the company can organize food, arrange places of stay and work. This is one of the largest profile companies in Russia - the total area of ​​serviced facilities is more than 50 million square meters, and their number has exceeded 7,000.

2. Cristanval

Presented in 44 regions are strange and renders more than 50 various services in shopping centers, factories, car dealerships, fitness centers and sanatoriums. Feedback on the company is the most positive - 99.8% of customers are again applying for services. Cristanval takes care of the environment and operates according to the international standard ISO 14001.

1. Almin Cleaning Service

The best cleaning company in Moscow according to cleaningforum.ru. The organization provides many services, including fast and general cleaning, washing of windows and the whole apartment, cleaning of offices, residential complexes, cleaning after repairs, maintenance of adjacent territories. It is also important that all its employees are registered as required by Russian labor legislation.