The most common female mistakes in the gym

It's time to tell some women about the gym. In every gym I notice a lot of mistakes, repeated again and again, and practically to the blood bite my own tongue.

So, it's time to lose weight from your own soul in the hope of supporting some of you during training. I'm going to reveal the most common mistakes that the ladies make again and again dealing with weights. Think about whether you know some of these missteps.


  • No. 10: Daily repetitions of the same workout
  • No. 9: Fear of dumbbells
  • No. 8: Do not drink water
  • No. 7: Cardio, cardio and once again cardio
  • No. 6: Incorrect vertical draft technique with wide grip
  • No.5: Attempt to reduce the waist by overloading the abdominal press
  • No. 4: Attempt not to sweat
  • No. 3: Use a lot of spirits!
  • No. 2: Refusal of the post-training protein
  • No. 1: Design of slopes aside!
  • And finally

# 10: Daily repetitions of the same workout

If only you did not train for a long time or you were not lucky enough to talk to an experienced trainer, you have the opportunity not to understand that when the muscles get tired, they need time for restand recovery of .

If you train every day, you do not allow the muscles to recover and, therefore, they will never gain more strength and tone. It is enough to give to any muscle group at least 48 hours of with m / y training. And even besides - I would rather not train every muscle group more than once a week.

You have the opportunity to think that this is insanity, as I once thought so, although if you work hard on the muscle group intensely and carefully, you will see excellent results, giving the muscles a full week to recover. Do not doubt me - it works!

Do not be afraid to let the muscles relax. Rest is just as important as work. Example of a good four-day split will be about the following:

Monday: Breast / Biceps
W: Feet
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Shoulders / triceps
Friday: Spin
Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

No. 9: Fear of dumbbells

This momentreally unnerving! A similar feeling that many ladies still adhere to the outdated opinion that they will become "huge" through the chur if they lift the weights. Ladies, do not doubt me, , you will never turn into an "Incredible Hulk" if you easily lift the dumbbell .

There will not be any significant changes in your body as a result of cardio training alone. Obviously, you have the ability to burn slightly fat, but what will remain under it when you get rid of it? Slightly, as you discover. You will continue to feel flabby and fat.

Exactly strength training helps the girl to find sexy hands, tight buttocks, relief calf muscles, flat stomach and overall pleasant appearance. Not to mention that the more muscle you carry in yourself, the more calories you burn, even when you rest .Muscular tissue is gluttonous! You can consume much more calories with impunity if you work hard with weights.
You will even improve bone density and ease the fight against osteoporosis! Forward, women! You will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

No. 8: Do not drink water

Okay, this applies not only to girls. In business, I rarely see anyone in the hall who would consume as much water as goes. If you watch the competing bodybuilders in the hall, you probably will notice that they drink a lot of water.

Why is it so important to drink water? During the training we sweat and lose a lot of fluids. If you do not make it up, you'll get tired before that time. In addition, water flushes out toxins. Helps to keep the joints healthy. Prevents dizziness and fainting. Accelerates metabolism. Relieves fatigue. Continue further?

No. 7: Cardio, cardio and once again cardio

Once I spent 3 hours in a row after cardio training, becauseI got the impression that I can not make them through a lot. Have I achieved an amazing body? He did not even come near and managed to give himself an exhausted look.

Do you still think you need excessive cardio training to stay in shape? Think about it: excessive cardio-loads increase the level of cortisol in the body. This leads to the destruction of muscle tissue. The less muscle mass, the slower your metabolism. Keep prudence, women. Personally, I like to do cardio workouts 3-4 days a week, from 30 to 40 a time. Obviously, any organism is individual, so you will need to conduct a small "investigation" to find out what level of cardio-loads is right for you.

№ 6: Improper technique vertical rods wide grip

I notice a large number of technical mistakes made by men and women in the gym, but I see masses of women who commit the same error in one particular exercise: the vertical thrust wide grip. The key word in this exercise - a "wide"( English -. «Lat»), from the Latin "latissimus dorsi" - latissimus dorsi. This is one of the major muscle groups of the back.

The vertical draft is designed to work with the back. Although I regularly see girls pulling the neck down just with their bare hands and pushing it through the chur low, to the level of the abdomen.

correct technique of the exercise - to take up the fingerboard hands slightly wider than shoulders and pull it up to a level just above the chest, allowing the body slightly leaning backward as thrust down.

As you perform such an exercise, try to miss the neck tightly. Imagine that the tension comes from the back, not from the hands. This will help remove the load from the biceps. Try in the course of pulling down the shoulder blades and "stick out" the chest.

№ 5: Attempt to reduce the waist, overloading the abdominal

How many times have you entered the room and saw the ladies who diligently perform curl, leg lifts in a vise, side bends( uuuf, I shall return to this later), twisting on the ball, oblique twistand other exercises known to man for the abdominal press? Yes, yes, some members of the stronger sex also appreciate it.

So many people still believe that they have the ability to reduce the waist by overloading the abdominal press. For those of you who do not know, I am informing: , you can not reduce the layer of fat on the abdomen by training the abdominal muscles( press) .You have the opportunity to make the illusion of a more dense abdomen, tk.located inside the muscle will take shape, but you will not be able to reduce the fat by twisting.

To reduce the layer of fat on the abdomen, you are going to observe a healthy diet and exercise cardio training .Training of the press maximum 2-3 times a week will help you achieve a sexual appearance when fat is gone.

# 4: Try not to sweat

This moment does not need my comments. No matter how glamorous divas you are - gym! Allocation of sweat is a natural healthy process. Do not worry about eye makeup. And in general - why do you apply it? You are here for training, not dating - is not it? Oh, I'm wrong? Sorry. ..

# 3: Use a lot of spirits through the chur!

This most likely refers to the same girl who does not want to sweat. I need to state: nothing compares to when, on a treadmill, you get a stream of highly active chemical roses from a woman passing by. This is elementary

rough - immerse yourself in the fragrance and go to a public place, but especially so ugly to go to the gym, where people often have to experience oxygen starvation. And some people are especially sensitive to spirits and other chemicals. They have the opportunity to develop side reactions to odors, and they may become unwell. Be careful! Appreciate the roses at home.

No. 2: Refusal of post-training protein

And again - this error is produced by both young people and ladies. Immediately after a good workout, when the muscles are tired, how do you think they will recover? Many rooms offer protein cocktails, although it is quite easy to make them on their own.

I suggest using whey protein isolate with the addition of L-glutamine. Personally, I take 40 grams of isolate, 50 grams of carbohydrates and 5 grams of L-glutamine. I also take 3 capsules with essential fatty acids to get healthy fats. And again, the body of any of us is individual, because you need to use your own strength or with the help of a nutritionist( fitness instructor) to determine the correct number of protein, carbohydrates, fats and glutamine that you need after training.

And now the moment has come, which you all were waiting for. Drumstick. ..

No. 1: The design of the slopes to the side!

Yes, that's right, women. I see women performing slopes to the side, to the left and right of me, again and again. All I can say is


Doing this stupid exercise, you achieve an effect that is exactly the opposite of what you hope to achieve. You expand your own waist.
I'll say it again.
You EXPAND your own waistline.

If you return to step 5 in this list, you will read that it is impossible to remove fat by pumping muscles under it. However, I consider the slopes to be more of a major evil than excessive twists.they make you visually wider in front. Never perform such an exercise! It will reduce your chances of achieving a beautiful V-shape.

Think about why you are trying to expand your waist? I do not think that this is the image for which you all are trying. Throw the slopes out of the window. Never return to this exercise for the rest of your life!

Well, if for any reason the physiotherapist tells you to create this exercise to recover from a rare injury - use it. In other situations - forget about it. Bending to the side is evil. Do not forget about it!

And in the end

And now go and train, observing the diversity, believing in your strength, consuming water, keeping prudence, practicing the right technique, sweating to the point of frenzy, taking leave of the cheap perfume, taking the protein and using common sense! You will receive more and more satisfaction from your own workouts and see certain positive results!