Top 10 most terrible computer games

If you have a collection of "The most terrible games", put them in an old closet or attic, store them in a dry and cool place out of the reach of children, hang a barn castle on them or bury them in the yard. If you still succumbed to the masochistic temptation and decided to spend even a minute alone with one of these games, then first go to the doctors. Let the cardiologist confirm that you do not have heart problems, the psychiatrist will assure that your brains will not go up on the digital horrors, and the neurologist will check your nerves for the fortress.

And if you hear, only if doctors confirm that you can play at least one of these games, for God's sakes, do not play at night, with the lights off and alone. Do not need. ..


  • 1. Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, 2006 - the most terrible game.
  • 2. Resident Evil 2, 1998
  • 3. The Thing, 2002
  • 4. Penumbra: Overture, 2007
  • 5. Alien VS Predator 2, 2002
  • 6. Doom 3, 2004
  • 7. Thief: Deadly Shadows, 2004
  • 8Rule of Rose, 2006
  • 9. Dead Space, 2008
  • 10. Silent Hill 2, 2001

1. Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, 2006 - the most terrible game.

The adaptation of Lovecraft's series of stories about Cthulhu. On this, in principle, it would be possible to finish the summary of this game, but it is too unique to do so with it. The gamer manages a private detective, weak and prone to hysterics, during which the image on the screen grows dull and twitching, from which the effect of presence becomes even brighter. Rulers of life energy in the game there. If the Persian were wounded in the arm, he would start shooting badly, and in the leg would limp. And now imagine what it's like to play for the death of a frightened, wounded slut making feet from an ancient sea monster exceeding its size in 3-4 times? Creepy? That's the same.

2. Resident Evil 2, 1998

Resident Evil 2 is the progenitor of the genre survival horror, that is, the horror of survival. Gama scared( and still scares) the players in dozens of terrible surprises: the cartridges will end when you find yourself in a room full of zombies, then a monster with a 1.5-meter tongue falls on the gamer from the ceiling.

3. The Thing, 2002

Based on the same film by John Carpenter. Except for the alien monster on the Arctic research base, the gamer still has 2 enemies - an evil deathly cold and. .. colleagues on the expedition. You never know which extraterrestrial aliens came from them.

4. Penumbra: Overture, 2007

You play as a completely helpless Persian. Imagine what it's like to prevent monsters, when the darkness is around, your hero can not shoot or fight, and non-standard management only contributes to the fact that the virtual skin of the protagonist seems to become yours.

5. Alien VS Predator 2, 2002

The most frightening moments of the game - when you choose not an Alien or Predator, but a modest paratrooper who must nip at the corners, it is difficult to breathe from fear and understand that even the best weapons will not save him from extraterrestrialmonsters. Each meeting with them becomes short, deadly and very terrible.

6. Doom 3, 2004

The dark corridors of the Martian station, the wrong light of the lamps operating from the standby generator, the silence, infrequently disturbed by suspicious rustles and typing of computers. And later - the roar of hellish monsters, the flames of hell fire and former comrades-in-arms, ready to eat your Persian alive. The most terrible thing is that you never know when it will be "later".

7. Thief: Deadly Shadows, 2004

This din is where darkness is your best friend and the most terrible enemy. In the shadows, the thief Garrett can hide from thugs from slums, fanatical sectarians and underground monsters. However, in the shadows the most terrible fears live. In a local burnt shelter, a short episode in the game, you will experience so much concentrated fear, as there is no such thing as a form of horror.

8. Rule Of Rose, 2006

Children are the flowers of life? Are you sure? And for what reason then they say about special, "child cruelty"?I'm in some countries of Europe, unable to reconcile with that, children can sometimes be in their own cruelty where more sophisticated adults, the game is simply banned for sale.

9. Dead Space, 2008

Isaac Clarke remained 1 on the big space station. The rest of the crew was transformed into vile monsters, ready to tear the astronaut apart with claws, teeth and stings. Communication is lost, Isaac has almost no weapons, and in front - only the endless corridors of the station "Ishimura", full of darkness and monsters. You will not see Isaac's face. However, it can from this so simply imagine under your helmet your own?

10. Silent Hill 2, 2001

Gama begins with the lead character receiving a message from his wife, who died 3 years ago and travels to a mysterious city where his horrors continue in the same psychedelic key. The ending of this terrible game can envy Alan Parker, and the creators of the game are described as "psychosexual" by monsters.