The smallest capital cities in the world

The capital of the state, in the majority view, is a large metropolis with a huge population, occupying kilometers of area. However, there are countries that are quite modest in size, and their capitals are not large at all.

The smallest capitals of the world are presented in today's compilation. Despite the modest area and population, these cities often play an important role, both on the national stage and internationally.

  • Contents:

    • 10. La Valletta
    • 9. Lobamba
    • 8. Vaduz
    • 7. Funafuti
    • 6. San Marino
    • 5. Stanley
    • 4. Monaco( Monaco-Ville)
    • 3. Vatican
    • 2. Ngerulmud
    • 1Adamstown

10. La Valletta

In place of the modern capital of Malta, the first settlements arose 3 thousand years ago. Today there are about 9 thousand people. It is noteworthy that, like on the whole island, there are no rivers in the city. Fresh water is received from residents of the capital from desalination plants, as well as by collecting rainwater.

9. Lobamba

The unique city of Lobamba is one of the two capitals of the state of Swaziland. In the first capital of Mbabane, there are about 100 thousand inhabitants. In Lobamb, there are only 5,800 people. But here are collected cultural sights of Swaziland - the National Museum and the Royal Palace.

8. Vaduz

The population of the capital of the Principality of Liechtenstein is 5 300 people. The city was founded in the XIII century. The capital is interesting with the castle of the same name, the town hall, the government house. There are several museums here, but there is no railway station or airport.

7. Funafuti

This city is the capital of the eponymous state, located on an isolated atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The population of the capital is 5 070 people. There are also traditional buildings with roofs made of palm leaves, and modern buildings made of glass and concrete. The main attractions of the city are the Tuvalu Church and the remains of an American aircraft crashed here during the Second World War.

6. San Marino

The settlement on the site of the city was founded in 302 AD.Today, the square of the capital of a dwarfish state is 7 square The population of San Marino is 4,600 people, which is about 15% of the population of the entire state. The city is beautifully located on the natural terraces of Monte Titano.

5. Stanley

The State of the Falkland Islands has a single city - the capital of Stanley. Less than 2,500 people live here. The city is interesting with its distinctive architecture, museum and Anglican cathedral.

4. Monaco( Monaco-Ville)

All the principality of Monaco is divided into 10 administrative territories. One of them is the capital with a population of 1,034 people. The main sights of the capital are the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, as well as the Oceanographic Museum, which was once headed by Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

3. Vatican

This city is the smallest state. It is inhabited by 836 people, and its area is only 0.44 square At such a modest size, the influence of the Catholic capital is enormous. In addition to clerics, the Vatican is populated by about 40 laymen, as well as employees of the Swiss Guard, guarding the Pope. About three thousand people every day come to the Vatican to work, but they are not residents.

2. Ngerulmud

The capital of the island state of Palau is inhabited by 270 people. Strictly speaking, Ngerulmud is more a settlement than a city. The bulk of the population is engaged in agriculture, tourism and fishing.

1. Adamstown

The state capital of Pitcairn is the only settlement of this tiny island country. There are 69 residents in the city, there is a central square and a church with a bell tower. Despite its remoteness, the students of Adamstown receive advanced education using the Internet, and residents have the opportunity to use satellite television and cellular communications.