Cheap St. Petersburg hotels: Top 3 best

Many vacationers will agree that sometimes you can get tired of the noisy sea beaches and the heat of the sunny resorts. Sometimes I want cloudy weather, unobtrusive rain, and also curbs instead of curbs and front doors instead of porches. All this can be found in the Northern capital of the Russian Federation, along with thousands of masterpieces of architecture, sculpture and painting in baroque, rococo, classicism and Empire style.

Do not forget that in St. Petersburg, cheap hotels - often the phenomenon of , even in its historical "core".They will be discussed below.

Hotel "Ave Caesar"

Address: ул.B. Konyushennaya, 25

Prices: from 3100 rubles.

A striking example is the three-star mini-hotel "Ave Caesar", located on Bolshaya Konyushennaya street. It is located in a historic building, located two minutes walk from the metro station "Nevsky Prospect", immediately attracts the attention of numerous wanderers, wandered to St. Petersburg, one of the most noteworthy "second" cities in the world.

It is no coincidence that the name of the institution is a greeting to the Roman emperors - the hall is designed in late antique style. A resident, except for a room of the "standard" category( there are also variants with different number of beds) can count on the "European" breakfast included in the price of the stay and for two additional bonuses - Wi-Fi and free calls around the city.

Guests of the hotel can dine and dine at the opposite cafe "Eurasia".After the meal, you can admire the St. Mary's Protestant Church located 100 meters away and the Peter and Paul Church, the Press Museum, the Kustanovich Gallery, and the Attic Art Studio.

«Nevsky Hotel Grand»

Address: ул.B. Konyushennaya, 10

The prices: from 2245 rubles.

Cheap hotels in St. Petersburg can be located in other parts of the city center. Standing at the Hermitage "Nevsky Hotel Grand" will please not only a democratic price for their services. The matter is that in this modest, but refined place of lodging for the night, all services are provided, which are characteristic for an international hotel, including wireless Internet and theater tickets. Housing in this case belongs to the category of economy class.

You can dine at a cafe located on the first level of the building. The staff here is as delicate as the hotel staff. In addition to the largest museum in Russia, the Peter and Paul Church( next building) and the Stroganov Palace( on the other side of Nevsky Prospekt) can be seen nearby.

Hotel "Comfort"

Address: ул.Bolshaya Morskaya, 25

Prices: from 3400 rubles.

Judging by the reviews, the three-star guest complex quite justifies its promising name. Having reached it, you understand that the best inexpensive hotels in St. Petersburg are available in the Admiralteysky district."Comfort" is found at the intersection of Bolshaya and Malaya Gorokhovaya streets. From the windows of its upper floors you can see the monument "The Bronze Horseman" and the embankment of the Moika.

On the territory of the hotel the clients are accommodated in the "Standard", "Superior", "Lux" and "Deluxe" class apartments. The style of design varies from room to room - from minimalism to "rich" classics.

Having dined at the "Massimo Sicilia", where they treat Italian cuisine, the guest of "Comfort" can walk to the Hermitage and St. Isaac's Cathedral within three minutes. A fragrant coffee or tea is offered the opportunity to enjoy right at the hotel - they are already included in the price of the room, entering the "Swedish" breakfast. Wireless Internet access is also free. Pay a little will only have for laundry or dry cleaning.

The northern capital of Russia, Russian Venice, North Palmyra - just what name Peter has not received from several generations of its inhabitants, as well as guests, including foreign ones. In a certain period of life here attracts literally everyone! However, some travelers are confused by financial problems.

The most inexpensive hotels in St. Petersburg prove that you should not be afraid of big prices, even in the city center!