Top 10 most unfriendly cities in the world

The magazine Travel + Leasure conducted a survey among its visitors, asking them to place 226 cities around the world on a scale from the most friendly to the most unfriendly( about 200 thousand people took part in the survey).Alas, even the abundance of attractions, luxury restaurants and night entertainment does not guarantee that the city will be recognized as impeccable. And the most friendly were just two cities in Ireland - Galway and Dublin. The third place was taken by the city of Charleston, USA.

The ten most inhospitable cities in the world looks like this.


10. Cannes, France

  • 9. Las Vegas, USA
  • 8. Baltimore, USA
  • 7. Philadelphia, USA
  • 6. New York, USA
  • 5. Los Angeles, USA
  • 4. Marseille, France
  • 3. St. Petersburg, Russia
  • 2. Atlantic City, New Jersey
  • 1. Moscow
  • 10. Cannes, France

    Rating starts the city where one of the most famous film festivals takes place. And yet there are full of rich and excellent-looking snobs. Cannes is like an aging socialite - so that she will pay attention to you, you need to have money. Much money.

    9. Las Vegas, USA

    This city is difficult to call an intellectual, but what's the difference? His fame he received thanks to luxurious, memorable and not too cleanly entertained.

    8. Baltimore, USA

    Alas, the former glory of this city faded: fewer and fewer tourists go there. Although the city is still famous for its exquisite theatrical productions, impressive views of Chesapeake Bay and a variety of dishes from Callinectes sapidus - blue crab.

    7. Philadelphia, USA

    The city of brotherly love quickly loses all its appeal, if during the sporting events where the local team plays, you will be recognized by the signs of the other team.

    6. New York, USA

    New York has already received the dubious title of "the most inhospitable city in America."In this city you can find everything - except for the person who will explain to you the way. However, most tourists agree that it is worth a little patience for the Central Park, local restaurants and stunning views from the top of the One World shopping center.

    5. Los Angeles, USA

    Even the sun shining in the sky all year round is not able to turn Los Angeles into a warm and hospitable city. People here look fine, but it turns out that half of them are bombasted, and the other half considers themselves the pinnacle of evolution."They are rude, angry, just waiting to rob" - sooner or later any tourist who has not been lucky enough to spend more than an hour in the city will say in his heart.

    4. Marseille, France

    Even the French themselves are not thrilled with the country's second largest city."This city can be either loved or hated," says Mathieu Game, director of a city enterprise."Lately it has changed a lot, but still too many Marcel seems dirty and neglected."However, despite these shortcomings, some tourists believe that Marseille is much nicer than Paris.

    3. St. Petersburg, Russia

    Tourists are delighted with the marvelous architecture( the new building of the Mariinsky Theater, the ice-blue Winter Palace, the gilded and gingerbread temple of the Savior on Blood), but are not at all happy to communicate with the locals.

    2. Atlantic City, New Jersey

    If you like gambling and do not frighten rude people, then you can have a good time. True, the city's numerous casinos still have not recovered from the impact inflicted in 2012 by Hurricane Sandy.

    1. Moscow

    How did it happen that Moscow, which was popular with tourists from all over the world, came in first place in the rating of the most unfriendly cities? First of all due to the inhospitess of local residents, so for city tours - from the Kremlin to the Izmaylovsky market - it is best to hire a personal guide. Perhaps, its role was also played by the giant traffic jams, as well as the scarcity and high cost of local cuisine.