Top 10 most respected brands in the world

Experts are sure: the reputation of the manufacturer influences the desire of the consumer to buy something even more than the characteristics of the product itself.

Recognized reputation management expert Reputation Institute publishes an annual rating of companies that enjoy special trust among consumers. This year, the Reputation Institute experts interviewed about 47 thousand consumers from 15 countries. We offer today to get acquainted with the participants of Top-10 most respected brands in the world .

Criteria for evaluation are emotional categories such as respect, trust, admiration and just a good attitude to the company.

Table of Contents:

  • 10. Lego
  • 9. Canon
  • 8. Volkswagen
  • 7. Microsoft
  • 6. Google
  • 5. Apple
  • 4. Daimler
  • 3. Walt Disney
  • 2. Sony
  • 1. BMW

10. Lego

-the most respected in the world "toy" brand. The manufacturer of the cult designer earned 76.35 points according to consumer estimates. And although the brand lost 2.91 points over the year, Lego enjoys the trust of millions of customers.

9. Canon

earned 76.98 points, becoming one of the most respected manufacturers of photographic equipment and other electronics. In contrast to the bankrupt concern Kodak, which now only loses its position in the ranking.

8. Volkswagen

scored 77.04 points on the results of voting. German automotive brands traditionally occupy leading positions in the rating of consumer respect.

7. Microsoft

was first among the ten most respected brands in the world. Probably, the fact that the company no longer looks like a malicious monopolist in the software market has positively affected the level of consumer confidence.

6. Google

took the first line two years ago, however, today it could not even enter the top five. The concern scored 78.05 points on the results of a consumer survey.

5. Apple

earned 78.49 points, becoming the most respected brand in the field of IT and telecommunications. Last year, the company was rated at 1.29 points higher, but it was placed in the final rating only on the ninth line.

4. Daimler

is another of the three automakers that are among the top ten. The manufacturer of prestigious Mercedes-Benz cars scored 78.54 points on the basis of consumer vote.

3. Walt Disney

closes the top three of the rating, typing 78.92 points. In comparison with last year, the legendary brand has passed several positions, having lost 0.58 points. Most fans of Disney were in Japan, Russia, Australia, Italy and Britain.

2. Sony

takes the second place ranking with a score of 79.31 points. The corporation received the lowest estimate in South Korea, where Sony occupies only 50th line. Probably, Koreans are more inclined to respect their own electronics manufacturers.

1. BMW

is the most respected brand in the world. Auto concern received 80.08 points out of 100 possible. By the way, BMW is one of the few companies that have strengthened their position in the rating of consumer confidence. In comparison with last year, the final score increased by 0.65.Experts say that the positions of the German auto concern are strong not only in the domestic European market, but also in the US, Canada, Japan and China.