Top 5 most unusual glazed loggias

Loggia is one of the best places to relax in the house. Here you can breathe the air, admire the surroundings, sunbathe or just sit and relax. But loggias are different, open, glazed, high and low, square and round. This article will cover five most unusual loggias in the world.


  • 1) Block loggias.
  • 2) Loggia-parking
  • 3) Glass loggia on the edge of the pool
  • 4) Logging VM House.
  • 5) Glass loggia on the skyscraper

1) Block loggias.

Due to its trapezoid shape, these original loggias look like optical illusion, although they are quite real. The house of which they are part is located in the town of Izola, on the coast of Slovenia. With the help of this unusual invention, the team Ofis Arhitekti( the creators of the house project) became the winner of the national competition for the design of residential buildings. Among other things, the house inevitably resembles a rubik's cube with its variety of colors and shape.

2) Loggia-parking

This loggia is one of the options for home parking for a car. Company CarLoft( developer of the loggia project) offers to park the car directly on the balcony, using for this external lifts. There is the possibility of placing a car on any of several floors or in a specially reserved for parking level, including underground.

3) Glass loggia on the edge of the pool

Loggias of the Grandeur villa are one of the glazing examples of loggias. They are made of bulletproof glass and do not go out to a crowded noisy street, but to the swimming pool approaching directly to them. At the same time, the water level in this pool is just above the floor level of the loggia, which creates an incredible effect! Such sensation, that your house is flooded by the raging sea or ocean.

4) Log houses VM House.

VM House is a residential building consisting of two buildings in the form of Latin letters M and V. The concept of this building is based on functionality and rationality, and not on any aesthetic preferences. The special entertainment of this house is created by loggias in the form of the Latin letter V. This design allows each apartment to be provided with enough light and releases the maximum space used for communicating with neighbors.

5) Glass loggia in the skyscraper

Another loggia with a breathtaking view of the city from a bird's-eye view. It is located on the one hundred and third floor of the Sears Tower in the city of Chicago, and is made entirely of glass( walls and floor).Despite the fact that the loggia glass is very strong, only people who have very strong nerves can appear on this loggia. And would you risk a visit to the abyss?