Rating of the most expensive brands of the world 2016

Forbes Magazine released an annual survey of the world's most expensive brands in 2016.What makes one brand more expensive than another? According to David Reibstin, professor of marketing and branding from the Pennsylvania-based Wharton School, the whole point is in the perception of consumers. If customers are willing to pay a higher price for products of a certain brand or prefer it is its goods, this increases the value of the brand.

Here are the top 10 most expensive brand names in the world, topping the rating.


  • 10. General Electric
  • 9. McDonald's
  • 8. Disney
  • 7. IBM
  • 6. Toyota
  • 5. Facebook
  • 4. Coca-Cola
  • 3. Microsoft
  • 2. Google
  • 1. Apple

10. GeneralElectric

is estimated at 36.7 billion dollars.

One of the most expensive and oldest brands on the list. It was founded on April 15, 1892 - 124 years ago. Now, General Electric has interests in a variety of industries: oil and gas, health, aviation, transportation, energy management, software development, financial services, wind turbines, electric motors, weapons, household appliances, machinery and pharmaceuticals.

9. McDonald's

It costs 39.1 billion dollars.

The only global food franchise. Representations of the company are located in almost all major cities of the world. In McDonald's in every way attract children through children's menus and toys, special playgrounds, small bonuses, as they understand that children will lead to the "poppy" of their parents.

8. Disney

The brand value is 39.5 billion dollars.

For sure you at least once watched the movie of this company, or played her toys or visited Disneyland. Disney - these are wonderful childhood memories that you want to pass on to the next generation.

7. IBM

It is estimated at 41.4 billion dollars.

One of the most recognizable companies in the technology sector. Its full name is International Business Machines Corporation. Currently, IBM is engaged in computer software, hardware, IT services and IT consulting.

6. Toyota

The price of the brand is 42.1 billion dollars.

As of February 2016, it is the 13th largest company in the world. In addition to cars, Toyota deals with banking, leasing and financing. And she is the first company that produces more than ten million most desired cars annually.

5. Facebook

Cost - 52.6 billion dollars.

Demonstrates the staggering rise in brand name value( 44%).The average user spends 50 minutes a day browsing Facebook. This is more time than the average person spends on reading( 19 minutes), physical exercise or exercise( 17 minutes), and communication( 4 minutes) combined.

4. Coca-Cola

The price of the brand is 58.5 billion dollars.

A headache drug called Coca-Cola was created by the pharmacist John Pemberton in 1865.Aza Griggs Candler later bought the rights to him and introduced Coca-Cola( already as a soft drink) to the world on May 8, 1886.Until now, the formula of this drink is kept secret.

3. Microsoft

The brand value is 75.2 billion dollars

Microsoft has managed to increase its prestige in the eyes of its customers thanks to a variety of new products, including Windows 10, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. The technology giant invested heavily in its cloud services, which are rapidly becoming its largest "money supplier", and expanded its retail strategy by opening a flagship store in New York in 2015.

2. Google

It is estimated at 82.5 billion dollars.

This year the brand value jumped by 26%.Internet users are still much more likely to use Google's search engine than Bing or other alternatives. We can say that the term "Google" has become synonymous with web search.

1. Apple

Cost - 154.1 billion dollars.

Forbes began to rank the most expensive brands in the world in 2010, and so far Apple has headed it six times in a row. Despite the drop in its revenues( for the first time in the last 13 years), due to a decline in sales of the iPhone's top smartphones, iMac computers and products from the iPad, the company will not have to interrupt for a long time from bread to cola.