Top 7 tips on how to buy from the online store

The world does not stand still. Especially rapidly developing world of electronic technology and the Internet. On the Internet, you can literally do everything, even order a few exclusive things. To date, the number of women who go shopping to shopping center shopping is no more than 15%.As for the rest, they have long mastered online shopping and are not going to return to their old life.

Undoubtedly, shopping in the network is extremely convenient, because you do not have to wander for hours on the markets or shops in search of something you do not know what. In any online store there is a filter that immediately allows you to weed out unnecessary goods. And the chosen goods can be delivered directly under the door, you only need to pay for courier delivery.

But before you start buying in American and Chinese online stores with free shipping, you need to know a few simple rules that will not allow you to spoil the joyful feelings of the purchases made.


  • 1. Official site of
  • 2. Reviews of
  • 3. Visual information of
  • 4. Size of
  • 5. Consumer rights of
  • 6. What should not be ordered over the network?
  • 7. Delivery method

1. Official site of

Most self-respecting brands have official websites where they sell their products. So if your choice has fallen on any branded thing, make sure the is really this site is the official .This may not necessarily be the site of the company, but some official site for the representation of the company's trading interests. To learn this is very simple: trademarks on their websites, as a rule, indicate their representative offices. Such a minute affair is able to protect the buyer from buying a fake.

2. Reviews

Reviews - the main weapon of buyers. It is best to choose the store where there is a large number of reviews of real buyers. Of course, these reviews should be on the maximum positive .In any case, information from other buyers will significantly affect the credibility of the online store.

3. Visual information

In the online store Amazon Ukraine, goods are always greater than in regular stores. But the goods should be carefully studied. This will help you with photos and product description. It is advisable to see the thing on each side of the .From the position of the goods, where there are only 1-2 photographs, it is desirable to refuse.

4. Size

It is necessary to carefully read to view the size table. Standards in different countries have different meanings. For example, the German and French thing will differ in size from European standards.

5. Consumer rights

It happens that the purchased item does not end up in the end. In this case, the buyer has the full right to receive his money back. For this, the goods must be sent back within 14 days of receipt.
Attention! If the store's website does not provide information about the refund, it's better to place an order elsewhere.

6. What should not I order over the network?

Some products are better not to order in online stores. These include personal hygiene products, cosmetics and underwear( swimsuits).For example, on the internet it's very difficult to guess the color of lipstick. And underwear, in case the thing does not fit, is not returnable.

7. Delivery method

The most convenient way to order delivery of goods from abroad through courier services Big Basket, because they work much more efficiently than mail. Yes, it is necessary to make an advance payment. But the package will come much faster and in case of return it can be safely transferred back to the courier.
Delivery carried out in another way has several features: for example, the box will need to be opened carefully, without damaging the packaging and the package. The return of the thing involves sending in the same container in which it was delivered.

That's all you need to know about shopping in the online store. A few simple tips - and you are already an experienced buyer who will not allow oversights.