The most promising specialties in higher education institutions of the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is not only the birthplace of excellent beer, but also a country where higher education fully meets European standards. For foreigners, free higher education is available in the Czech Republic( in public institutions of higher education) subject to obtaining a language certificate.

The prestigious business publication Hospodářské noviny has presented the list of the most popular specialties in the Czech Republic .It is useful to those who intend to go to school and, having successfully completed the training in the Czech center GoStudy(, it is beneficial to get a job.


  • 5. Biochemistry
  • 4. Biomedical Engineering
  • 3. Industrial Design
  • 2. Nanotechnology
  • 1. Cybernetics

5. Biochemistry

A graduate with a diploma in biochemistry can go to work in the academic field or get an international pharmaceutical and biotechnological company, for example, in Zentiva( a major producer of generics).

This specialty can be obtained in 5 universities of the Czech Republic:

  • of Charles University.
  • Higher School of Chemical Technology.
  • University of Palacký in Olomouc.
  • Masaryk University in Brno.
  • South Bohemian University in Ceske Budejovice.

4. Biomedical Engineering

Combines engineering principles with biomedical sciences to develop and develop equipment, instruments, computer systems and software used in healthcare. Biomedical engineers create artificial internal organs that can save thousands of lives in the future.

During the training, students cooperate with many clinics and medical specialists.

Training can be completed at:

  • Czech Technical University in Prague( CHWUT).
  • Technical University in Liberec.
  • Technical University in Ostrava.
  • Technical University in Brno.

3. Industrial Design

Three years ago, industrial design was not among the promising specialties in the Czech Republic. However, times change. According to Jan Czapek, a teacher at the Graduate School of Applied Arts in Prague, now design has become a major factor for companies exporting goods to other countries.

Industrial design is a professional service for the development of products and systems that optimize the function, value and appearance of the product for the mutual benefit of the consumer and the manufacturer.

You can study at the following Czech universities:

  • Czech Technical University.
  • Graduate School of Applied Arts in Prague.
  • Brno Technical University( WUT).
  • Technical University in Liberec.
  • University of Tomas Bati in Zlin.
  • West Bohemian University.

2. Nanotechnology

One of the highest paid specialties. Graduated specialists readily employ in scientific research institutes, in companies engaged in nuclear-physical, medical-technical and chemical-technological developments.

Where to get training:

  • VUT.
  • Technical University in Liberec.
  • The University of Jan Evangelists Purkin.
  • University of Palacký in Olomouc.
  • Technical University in Ostrava.
  • Higher School of Chemical Technology( VHShT).

1. Cybernetics

Cybernetics is the science of linking the surrounding reality with information technology. It derives from any context, then, with regard to information processing and management.

Now find a highly professional specialist in the field of cybernetics is very difficult and this generates a huge demand for them. Students of this specialty are invited for training such heavyweights in the field of information and computer technologies like Google and Microsoft.

Where to go for training:

  • CHWUT.
  • University of Tomas Bati in Zlin.
  • VUT.
  • Technical University in Ostrava
  • West Bohemian University in Pilsen.