Top 7 interesting facts about the game Pokemon Go

The recently released Pokemon Go application with gameplay based on real location has won the hearts of both old and small. Even if you do not run around the streets in search of rare Pokémon, you've probably heard about the game. Here top-7 interesting facts about the Pokemon Go and those who play it.


  • 7. 2000 people played in Pokemon Go together
  • 6. Pokemon catch at work
  • 5. For Pokemon you can climb a tree
  • 4. In the hunt for Pokemon the drones
  • will help 3. Assemble them all
  • 2. Privateproperty is not a barrier
  • 1. Pokemon Go in the service of the crime

7. 2000 people played in Pokemon Go together

You can play Pokemon Go with a couple of friends, but in Sydney( Australia) more than 2000 people gathered to catch cute virtual monsters together. Pikachu fans and companies made selfies, talked, and just wandered around the botanical garden and the Sydney Opera House, buried in the smartphone screen. A Pokemon in the Australian way.

6. Pokemon catch and at work

You caught Polyvag right on your desktop, Pigi in the hallway, and Horsie in the kitchen? Do not get carried away, or at least try not to get caught by the bosses during the Pokemon hunt. On the Web, a viral image walks with a note from the boss to the staff, which says: "Set the game aside until lunch or break. Otherwise, you will be left without work and then you will have enough time to "catch them all".

5. For the Pokemon, you can climb the tree

On July 19, firefighters and rescuers in East Greenwich Township received a strange challenge: the woman was stuck in the tree, looking for Pokemon in the cemetery. The game uses GPS to determine the location of the player, but does not measure the height. She would have received exactly the same Pokemon on earth.

4. In the hunt for Pokemon will help drones

Rating interesting stories about the players in Pokemon Go could not do without the achievements of modern robotics. Most people walk or drive the streets to find Pokemon, but one of Tumblr's users has moved the other way. He put his smartphone to the drones and used the application to control the phone remotely. So he was able to catch the right Pokémon without leaving the laptop.

3. Gather all of them

One user of social news site Reddit with the nickname ftb_hodor claims that he has already caught every Pokemon in North America. In total, there were 142 Pokemon in his collection, all the strongest Pokemon Go Pokemon. And if ftb_hodor wants more pets, he will have to go on a trip to Europe( where the pokemon is Mr. Maim), Japan( only there you can find Farfetchd) and Australia( Kangashan lives there, although some claim that it can be obtained from an egg)

2. Private property is not a barrier

In Phoenix( Arizona), policemen started to publish humorous and colorful warnings in social media as follows: catching an orange dragon Charizard is not a valid reason for infringing on someone else's andsubstance.

Also not happy with Pokemon catchers and Idaho police. Its representatives posted a message on Facebook that they received several calls about players in Pokemon Go, penetrating into private territory. Given that the game is only gaining momentum in the world, many Pokemon trainers are waiting for an unpleasant visit to the police station or an explanation with the owners of the site on which the cherished Pokemon is located.

1. Pokemon Go in the service of the crime

This item tops the list of the most interesting facts about the game Pokemon Go, although it is connected not so much with the Pokémon trainers, but with people who profit from them by criminal means.

Discussion of the explosive popularity of the game basically took place on the Internet. And it goes without saying that there is a decent amount of unconfirmed terrible and mysterious stories about Pokemon Go and players in it. One of the sensational incidents is related to a girl from Wyoming, who found the corpse on the beach when she was looking for Pokemon.

However, a much more disturbing case occurred in St. Louis. There, the police arrested four men who used Pokemon Go to lure and rob the players. Gamers can place special beacons as a reference point for other players, and criminals used these lighthouses to attract their victims.

Pokemon Company issued a warning that players should keep groups in unfamiliar places and be attentive to their surroundings. But how many people pay attention to such warnings?