Top 5 best beach cities

How difficult it is to make a choice between a relaxing holiday on the beach and a rich cultural program! But experts from the German edition of the Berliner Zeitung and the cult National Geographic argue that there are resorts where you can successfully combine both types of recreation. Today we bring to your attention Top-5 best beach cities , where a luxury coastline is combined with active nightlife, shopping and cultural attractions.


  • 5. Miami Beach
  • 4. Rio de Janeiro
  • 3. Nice
  • 2. San Sebastian
  • 1. Barcelona offers a unique vacation.

5. Miami Beach

is the capital of the US state of Florida. Here you can not only have plenty to swim and sunbathe, but also to meet Hollywood celebrities, go around hundreds of shops, go in for sports. And to visit all the nightclubs Miami Beach is not enough for a month. By the way, lovers of a romantic holiday here, too, will be able to find a secluded nook.

4. Rio de Janeiro

is 40 km of chic beaches and more than a rich cultural and entertainment program. A special atmosphere and Brazilian hospitality will not let you get bored. True experts remind: in the resorts of Brazil it is worth paying close attention to their own pockets!

3. Nice

is the pearl of the French Riviera. There are beaches for every taste and wallet - and crowded public, and luxurious paid. In addition, the city is famous for its unique architecture, unique "secular" atmosphere and various museums. Traditionally, the city has a reputation as an aristocratic bohemian resort, so even an ordinary walk along the embankment can be a source of impressions from meeting with the heroes of the secular chronicle.

2. San Sebastian

is a fashionable Spanish resort with a beach strip stretching along a picturesquely curved bay. European "golden" youth believes that here is the best place for surfing. But for those who like quiet rest there is a comfortable place. And the administration of the resort in advance worried, dividing the coastline into two parts: so that surfers and sunbathers did not interfere with each other. And after taking sun baths, the city's guests are waiting for architectural attractions, several amusement parks, hundreds of restaurants and bars.

1. Barcelona offers a unique holiday.

This is a rich cultural program with visits to the monuments of an ancient and very picturesque city, a measured rest on the well-arranged beaches and a lot of restaurants and nightclubs. By the way, the stormy resort life of Barcelona does not cease for a minute - here you can find entertainment for yourself 24 hours a day. From the city it is easy to reach most of the cultural centers of Spain, so boredom during the holidays is simply excluded.