Top 10 places to go for the New Year holidays 2016

It remains a little more than a month before the New Year - it's time to decide where to go for the New Year holidays in 2016.However, exchange rates, inflation and other crisis can spoil the mood. But do not rush to unpack your bags!

We offer you the top 10 places where to go on New Year's holidays 2016 - inexpensive, but interesting and exciting. Or expensive and tasteful.


  • 10. Russia, Moscow: inexpensive variant
  • 9. Lithuania, Vilnius: budget
  • 8. Bulgaria, Bansko resort: cheap
  • 7. Czech Republic, Prague: medium variant
  • 6. Austria, Stubai-Neustift: average price
  • 5. Thailand, Krabi: the best option
  • 4. Cuba, Dominican Republic: an option not cheap
  • 3. Sri Lanka, Ceylon: excellent in price / quality
  • 2. Brazil, Rio de Janeiro: expensive option
  • 1. Maldives: expensive

10. Russia, Moscow: inexpensive option

New Year's holidays 2016 in Russia? Where to go? Of course to Moscow. The capital - the most popular tourist city in Russia offers many opportunities for interesting pastime: museums, historical and architectural monuments, parks, skating rinks, New Year's performances for children and adults, folk festivals, festive fairs and much, much more. If you want to save money, you can stay in the apartment( apartment with a kitchen) and cook yourself. Then a five-day trip will cost $ 400 for two.

9. Lithuania, Vilnius: budget

I want silence, ancient castles, Gothic churches, narrow romantic streets and cozy cafes? In this case, Vilnius is an excellent choice from all ten options, where to go on New Year's Eve. Climb onto Gedimin's tower to admire the snow-capped city from the fairy tale, and also visit Trakai Castle, the ancient residence of the Lithuanian princes. A five-day vacation in an inexpensive hotel costs 600 dollars.

8. Bulgaria, Bansko resort: cheap

The ski resort of Bansko was recognized by the results of 2011 as the most inexpensive ski resort in Europe. In addition, in this small quiet town of as many as 120 museums, and not far from the city - a lot of historical and architectural monuments. Weekly trip to the resort will cost about 1000 dollars.

7. Czech Republic, Prague: medium version of

This city is one of the most respected and beautiful European places, where the Middle Ages are fantastically intertwined with modernity. A five-day stay in a three-star hotel will cost $ 850.On New Year's holiday 2016, you can go here with a child.

6. Austria, Stubai-Neustift: average cost of

Neustift is a universal resort. Here are the best ski resorts, where anyone will find a ski slope to his liking - from the easy Elfer to the professional Fernau Mauer. And there you can go horseback riding, paragliding, go on a sledge, climbing( or rather, glacier), visit sports centers, saunas and solariums. Spend about 1200 dollars per week in a double room Happy Stubai with a view of the mountains.

5. Thailand, Krabi: the best option

How to get from winter to summer? One solution is Thailand, Krabi province. It is not so well known among tourists compared with the raspiarennymi Pattaya and Phuket, so that the prices here are lower, and the people are less( a trip with accommodation will cost about 2000 dollars for 4 days).The most beautiful beaches of Krabi are located outside the city and get to them by boat. And stay better in the city of Ao Nang or on the islands - Phi Phi Don or Lanta. Read our top attractions in Thailand for excursions.

4. Cuba, Dominican Republic: an option is not cheap

New Year with snow and snowstorms - it's not about Cuba. In winter, there is a pleasant soft air temperature of 30 degrees. Excellent hotels and high-quality service will cost relatively inexpensively - in 2500 - 3000 dollars per week. But you can meet the New Year 2016 on the beach, replacing olive and champagne with fruit salad and cocktail.

3. Sri Lanka, Ceylon: excellent in price / quality

The best option for the price-quality-atmosphere ratio: a week-long trip "eats" from the budget, on average, 2500-3000 dollars. After the New Year holidays in Ceylon, a bright festival of Durutu Perakhera( the anniversary of the visit of the Buddha who has attained enlightenment) is held with elephants, dancers, fakirs and acrobats.

2. Brazil, Rio de Janeiro: expensive option

In February, the most famous carnival takes place in the capital of Brazil, and that says it all. The price of a festive New Year's tour for 1 person, on average, is 3296 dollars.

1. Maldives: expensive

Option for those who are not limited in money: a one-week trip back and forth with accommodation will cost at least $ 4,000.The weather there from December to February is most favorable for European tourists unfamiliar to the tropical heat, and the developed infrastructure and chic service will not let you get bored.

This looks like a dozen of the best places where rest during the New Year holidays will be unforgettable and will bring a lot of impressions.