Top 3 largest private companies in Russia

The site of Forbes magazine published a rating of 200 of the largest private companies in the Russian Federation. The main criterion for selection - in the company, the state or foreign investors should not own more than half of the total capital. The revenue received in 2014 is estimated, according to official information provided by the companies themselves, according to IFRS, the Federal Service for Financial Markets, the Statistics Service and the Tax Service. The rating does not include enterprises involved in asset management, as well as banks, investment and other financial companies.

We represent you the top three leaders of the top 200 largest Russian private companies.

3. "Magnet"

The third place is the network of food stores, which increased revenue in 2014 by 31.71% - to 763.5 billion rubles. This is the only company from Russia, which entered the rating of innovative companies in the world according to the American magazine Forbes. At the end of 2014, the network included more than 8,000 stores, 300 hypermarkets, 1,000 cosmetic outlets. The trading network has spread to more than 2000 cities of the Russian Federation.

The history of the company began in the mid-90s, when Sergei Galitsky decided to start selling household chemicals. The case quickly went into growth, and by the end of 2005, Sergei had already more than one and a half thousand stores. Now he is on the list of the richest people in Russia with a capital of 10 billion US dollars.

2. Surgutneftegaz

Despite the drop in oil prices on the world market, the profit of Surgutneftegaz in 2014 was 890.57 billion rubles. However, who gets the revenue from the company's profits is still unknown. Since the moment of privatization of the part of "Glavtyumenneftegaz", which served as the basis for the creation of the holding, the ownership structure remains a mystery."Surgutneftegaz" is not without reason considered the most closed oil and gas company in Russia. According to one data, 60% of shares belong to subsidiaries, according to others - the director Vladimir Bogdanov supervises the company with a number of other managers. Over the past few years, the company has accumulated a large amount of cash that amounted to 25.5 billion rubles at the end of 2011.They are placed in banks and do not invest in business development. Minority shareholders are very unhappy with this state of affairs, but their opinion is not worried by the company's management( whoever it may be).

1. Lukoil

The leader of the largest private companies of the Russian Federation in 2015."Lukoil" is the world's most resource-rich private oil and gas company, whose proven reserves are 17.255 billion barrels of oil equivalent. The company's revenue in 2014 was 4.75 trillion rubles, according to US GAAP."Lukoil" operates not only on the territory of Russia, but also participates in the development of deposits in the territory of the states of Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. The company owns 7 oil refineries and several factories producing olefins, raw materials for the production of synthetic fibers, polyethylene and other types of petrochemical products. The products of this oil giant are sold in 19 countries of the world, Lukoil owns 200 oil depots and about 6000 petrol stations. The dominant position of the company in the oil products market even led to the imposition of a fine for violation of the antimonopoly legislation in 6.54 billion rubles.