Top 5 pirated torrent sites in Russia

Sites that illegally distribute programs, music and movies are a "gold mine" for users, and for copyright holders it is a "black hole" into which the lost profit flies away. Therefore, authors and organizations representing their interests have prepared lists of pirated sites that should be blocked forever. The law allowing to do this already operates in the Russian Federation.

Here is the best pirated sites in Russia, which caught on violation of intellectual property rights.


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The list of pirate sites opens a portal on whichthere are 6990 serials. He appeared in 2008.And in 2013, the creator of the resource was notified of a possible blockage for the placement of three seasons of the series "Alexander Garden."Pimanov & Partners LLC has claimed the right to do so. For a while the site was blocked. To get under the "amnesty" had to close access to pirated content.


This torrent has both movies and music, which can create additional difficulties for the owner. Initially, under the "anti-piracy law" only video content was covered. And since May 2015, there are amendments permitting restricting access to the site for the illegal placement of programs, music and books. Prior to blocking, the pirated torrent site can remove copyright objects and avoid penalties.

The claim to was filed by OOO NTV-Profit, the owner of the rights to the films Mama, The Thief, Two Moons, Three Sons, The Russian Riot, The Admirer, and the 15-episode series"The birthday of the bourgeois".In order not to bring the case to a lock, access to pirated files was limited.


This pirated site of films was in the field of view of Roskomnadzor for the placement of the TV series "The birthday of the bourgeois" and the films "Two Moons, Three Suns" and "Russian Riot."On the rights to them, the film company NTV-Profit said.


In 2013, the NTV-profit film company submitted to the Moscow City Court documents proving the rights to several films and serials found on the torrent tracker The list of pirated videos includes: "Russian rebellion," "The keys to death," "The birthday of the bourgeois", "Thief", "Mama", "Admirer", "Die easy," "Two moons, three suns" and "turns ".


The largest pirate website with games and programs is top rated. It does not require registration for downloading content, for which it is popular among users. For the first time it was blocked in August 2013 for the distribution of "Now" series, owned by the film company "Interns", "Univer. New Dormitory "," Sashatanya "and others. Since May 1, 2015, has been permanently blocked in Russia for repeatedly violating the "anti-piracy" law. Such a fate awaits any site against which the court will twice win the same copyright holder.