Rating of banks in Russia in 2016 on the reliability of deposits

Many Russians would be happy to store money in banks, but how do you know which bank deposits will be most protected? And then the rating of the Russian banks 2016 on the reliability of deposits will come to the rescue. It is made taking into account the reporting of Russian credit organizations( available on the Central Bank's website).

All banks included in the current list are presented in the consolidated rating of the reliability of Russian banks in 2016 according to the Central Bank.

  • Contents:
    • 10. FC Opening
    • 9. Promsvyazbank
    • 8. Binbank
    • 7. Raiffeisenbank
    • 6. Bank of Moscow
    • 5. Rosselkhozbank
    • 4. Alfa-Bank
    • 3. Gazprombank
    • 2. VTB-24
    • 1. Sberbank

10. FC Opening

This credit institution, founded in 1993, is the head office of the Otkritie financial group, which has 60 branchesregions of the Russian Federation. As of the end of June 2015, there were approximately 3.6 million individuals, 44,500 corporate clients and 117,135 small business customers in the group's customer base.

9. Promsvyazbank

The rating of banks on deposits is continued by the organization, which is included in the top 500 largest banks in the world. Its auditor is PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the largest auditing companies in the world. After the January holidays in 2016, a robbery occurred in Promsvyazbank, criminals opened 164 cells. However, the bank has already begun to pay compensation to affected customers. If you take the best deposits in the banks that make up this top-10, then Promsvyazbank has the highest interest rate for wealthy clients - 11.7% per annum on the premium deposit "The tradition of success maximum."

8. "Binbank"

A bank that has existed since 1993 and has 500 offices throughout Russia. He is one of the thirty largest Russian credit institutions according to the Central Bank. And in 2014 "Binbank" came out on the first place by the number of acquired banks( such as "Akkobank", "Uralprivatbank", "DNB Bank", etc.).

7. Raiffeisenbank

Daughter of the Raiffeisen banking group( Austria).Raiffeisen has a long and respectable history, the first banks of this group appeared in the 19th century, when mutual aid funds were created, supporting peasants during economic turmoil.

As with Promsvyazbank, the international organization PricewaterhouseCoopers acts as the auditor of Raiffeisenbank.

6. "Bank of Moscow"

The clients of this banking organization are 9 million private and 114 thousand corporate investors. In 2016, the reorganization of the Bank of Moscow, which will be carried out by VTB, is scheduled. This means that most of the liabilities and assets of the Bank of Moscow will be allocated and attached to VTB.

5. Rosselkhozbank

All bank shares belong to the government of the Russian Federation and it rightly belongs to the best banks for individuals' deposits( 11% per annum on the "Fairy Percentage" deposit).In 2014, Rosselkhozbank entered the highest group of banks' reliability under the Forbes version.

4. Alfa-Bank

There is since 1990 and successfully survived the economic crisis of 1998, as well as the loss of 20% of private customers in 2004.It is on the second place among Russian banks on net profit. Serves 13.9 million individuals and 194,300 corporate customers. Research company Frank Research Group named "Alfa-Bank" the best bank for wealthy clients.

3. Gazprombank

I got on the sanctions list of the USA and Ukraine, which does not prevent the bank from being among the largest and most reliable credit organizations in Russia. Its largest shareholders are such giants as Gazprom and NPF Gazfond. If you take the rating of the banks of the Russian Federation for the reliability of deposits in 2015, then there Gazprombank was in second place.

2. "VTB-24"

If we talk about the best deposits in the Russian banks, then without mention of VTB-24, we can not do it( up to 9.3% per annum in rubles for the "Favorable" deposit).By the volume of loans and deposits of individuals VTB-24 is second only to the leader of the rating.

1. Sberbank

Bank, founded in 1841, in 2016 is the largest player in the Russian deposit market and the main creditor of the Russian economy. It ranks first in terms of net profit, capital, loans and deposits of individuals and assets. As for the maximum deposit rate, Sberbank offers 10% per annum on the Happy Year deposit.