Rating of the world's richest pop singers 2015

Forbes presented its annual rating of the richest pop singers in the world .Some of their income was received from the latest albums, world tours and advertising contracts signed with large companies.

Here is the top ten pop singer whose wealth makes colleagues bite their nails with envy.


  • 10. Rihanna, $ 26 million
  • 9. Mariah Carey, $ 27 million
  • 8. Miranda Lambert, $ 28.5 million
  • 7. Jennifer Lopez, $ 28.5 million
  • 6. Britney Spears, $ 31 million
  • 5.Beyonce, $ 54.5 million
  • 4. Lady Gaga, $ 59 million
  • 3. Fleetwood Mac, $ 59.5 million
  • 2. Taylor Swift, $ 80 million
  • 1. Katy Perry, $ 135 million

10. Rihanna, $ 26 milliondollars

The year 2015 was for the star more "quiet" than the previous one, in which she earned $ 48 million and was in fourth place in the ranking of the richestsingers. But Rihanna is unlikely to stay long in outsiders, thanks to the new album Anti.

9. Mariah Carey, $ 27 million

A large-scale series of concerts in Las Vegas( May to July) was very successful for Cary. In addition, the pop singer should become the star of several shows in New York, and her hit All I Want For Christmas Is You will certainly sound on the radio in December.

8. Miranda Lambert, $ 28.5 million

In the fall of 2015, the name of the American country-style songwriter appeared in the newspaper headlines, due to her divorce from Blake Shelton. The couple was together for four years. One wealthy lonely beauty in the world of music has become more.

7. Jennifer Lopez, 28.5 million dollars

Jennifer Lopez remains one of the queens of the music industry, even if her touring schedule in 2015 is freer than it was in the past. This does not mean that the singer is messing around. She acted as a judge at the American Idol competition and continues to give concerts. And in 2016, Lopez plans to perform in Las Vegas, repeating( and even surpassing) the success of Mariah Carey.

6. Britney Spears, $ 31 million

At the age of 17, Britney Spears began her ascent of the music charts with a tune known as Baby One More Time. Now she is 33 years old and the former teenage queen of rock'n'roll became a fantastically rich and successful pop star. In 2012 she headed the rating of the highest paid singers of Hollywood according to Forbes version.

5. Beyoncé, 54.5 million dollars

In a joint tour with her husband( American rapper Jay-Z) On The Run, Beyonce gave 18 concerts in the US, which brought a couple of $ 100 million. And Beyoncé's additional income was brought by the advertising of Pepsi and L'Oréal and sales of its own flavor Heat.

4. Lady Gaga, 59 million dollars

Such an impressive amount of Gaga earned with 66 concerts( total for 2014 and 2015), transactions with Versace and MAC, as well as the release of its own fragrance Fame.

3. Fleetwood Mac, 59.5 million dollars

The band boasts two famous women - vocalist Stevie Nix and keyboardist Kristin McVie. In fact, the band returned to the lineup, which released the album Fleetwood Mac, conquered the hearts of American music lovers in 1975.Over the past year, the band has given 86 concerts during the On On The Show tour. Resellers were selling tickets for Fleetwood Mac performances for $ 300.

2. Taylor Swift, $ 80 million

It's only a matter of time before Taylor Swift gets to the top of the list of the highest-paid pop stars. It was not difficult for her to turn from a promising country singer who rattled on the guitar, to a superstar with millions of fees. The circulation of Swift's album "1989", released in 2014, exceeded 3.6 million copies.

1. Katy Perry, $ 135 million

Katy Perry became the richest pop singer of 2015 , thanks to her income from the successful world tour Prismatic World Tour. She gave 126 performances, receiving for each about $ 2 million. Perry's bank account was significantly enlarged with advertising contracts with Claire's and Covergirl.

Katy Perry was the only woman in the top five of the highest paying celebrities of 2015.