Rating of the richest countries( GDP per capita)

Alright, where are we not? This common thesis is confirmed by the fact that Russia really does not exist in Rating of the richest countries of the world ( by GDP per capita).Forbes experts studied the IMF data for 182 countries and selected the top ten most well-off. However, one should not rush to pack suitcases - a good half of the states among the leaders of the rating owe their well-being to oil and gas reserves. So maybe the Russians still have everything ahead?


  • 10.Netherlands( GDP per capita - $ 40,973)
  • 9. Switzerland( $ 41,950)
  • 8. Hong Kong( $ 45,944)
  • 7. United States( $ 46,860),
  • 6. United Arab Emirates( $ 47,439),
  • 5. Brunei($ 48,333)
  • 4. Norway( $ 51,959)
  • 3. Singapore( $ 56,694)
  • 2. Luxembourg( $ 81,466)
  • 1. Qatar( $ 88,222)

10. The Netherlands( GDP per capita - $ 40,973)

is one of the islands of the relativestability in crisis Europe. The unemployment rate in the country is maintained at 5%, inflation for the first quarter of this year was only 2.4%.

9. Switzerland( $ 41,950)

- is consistently leading in the ratings of countries on the standard of living of the population. However, despite such high incomes, the Swiss have to put up with the fact that they have two of the 10 most expensive cities in the world: Geneva and Zurich.

8. Hong Kong( $ 45,944)

- in addition to being in the top ten richest, still takes the leading place in the world competitiveness ranking from the Institute of Management Development. The leader on such a sign as the Index of Economic Freedom, Hong Kong has successfully used foreign investment to ensure stable economic growth.

7. The USA( $ 46,860),

- despite the crisis-shaking economy, remains among the world leaders. Although the population of the superpower is not at all as remarkable as it may seem. About 15% of Americans live below the poverty line.

6. The UAE( $ 47,439),

- like many other 's richest countries , have not the last word on the oil market. Although the government's measures to diversify the economy give a good effect, leading sectors include construction, trade, tourism and agriculture.

5. Brunei( $ 48,333)

is one of the few states where people really feel on their own wallet a significant "per capita" share in GDP.In the country, 40% of employees are visitors from Southeast and East Asia.

4. Norway( $ 51,959)

is the leader of the Euro zone for oil and natural gas production. The state provides citizens with high living standards, paying great attention to the social sphere, including grants for education and benefits for the disabled part of the population.

3. Singapore( $ 56,694)

- is becoming more attractive to world leaders in the field of new technologies. The existing experience in setting up the production of electronics and software, coupled with a sparing tax regime attracts billions to Singapore, which most positively affect the welfare of the state.

2. Luxembourg( $ 81,466)

- is an attractive platform for investors due to the presence of an offshore zone. Foreign capital works for the benefit of the Duchy. In addition, Luxembourg has managed to win and retain the title of one of the most important banking centers in Europe and the world.

1. Qatar( $ 88,222)

- tops the rating of countries by GDP .One of the most countries in the Arab world, which magnet attracts emigrants from Russia, Europe and even the United States. Everyone wants to live well, so the population growth rate in one of the richest countries is about 3% annually, which is higher than the world average.