The most influential brands in the world, the Forbes 2015 rating

The magazine Forbes presented a list of the world's most influential brands .The rating is based on the digits of profits from the sale of goods or services, the approximate financial value of the company and interviews with customers about how much means to them this or that brand. The list includes more than 200 companies with world-wide names, but only those companies whose representation is in the United States were considered. Therefore, the state-owned Chinese company China Mobile( the world's largest provider of mobile communications) has not been included in the rating.

One hundred most influential brands come from 15 countries and cover about twenty market categories. Half of the list is made up of brands from the US, followed by Germany( 9 companies), Japan and France( 7 in each of the two countries).In the top 15, most are technology brands, and automobile and retail companies accounted for a tenth of the top 100.On average, 100 companies included in the ranking of influential brands, rose compared to the year 2014 by 5%, and their total value is about 1.7 trillion.


  • 10. Facebook
  • 9. General Electric
  • 8. Toyota
  • 7. Samsung Electronics
  • 6. McDonald's
  • 5. IBM
  • 4. Coca-Cola
  • 3. Google
  • 2. Microsoft
  • 1. Apple


The total cost of this social network is 231.6 billion dollars. Its audience is 1.32 billion users, about 720 million people visit the site every day.

9. General Electric

This company was founded in 1878 by Thomas Edison. Now its cost is 253.5 billion dollars. The company produces various types of technical devices: from household appliances to locomotives, oil and gas equipment, nuclear reactors and aircraft engines.

8. Toyota

large Japanese corporations and the most expensive automobile brand is worth 239 billion dollars in the world. The company produces passenger, trucks and buses under the names of Hino, Toyota, Lexus, Scion and Daihatsu.

7. Samsung Electronics

This multinational company produces a variety of digital devices, telecommunications equipment, household appliances, liquid crystal displays and memory chips. Its cost is 199.4 billion dollars.

6. McDonald's

More than 33,000 restaurants in 120 countries of the world belong to this company. In each country the range of products can vary greatly. For example, in India it is forbidden to eat beef, so there hamburgers with chicken or mutton, in Israel, selling falafel and "Mac Kebab", and offered to the Japanese shrimp nuggets and milk shakes with the taste of green tea.

5. IBM

One of the world's largest corporations is engaged in the production and supply of hardware and software. Now the largest revenue comes from Global Services, which provides a variety of services, primarily consulting. The company's value is 160.2 billion dollars.

4. Coca-Cola

The history of the company began in 1886.The revenue from the sale of the drink that year was only $ 50.Now Coca-Cola drinks can be bought in more than 200 countries around the world, and the total value of the company is 179.9 billion dollars.

3. Google

The corporation at a cost of 367.6 billion dollars tops the top three of the most expensive brands. She invests in search engines, cloud computing and advertising development, is engaged in supporting and creating a number of Internet services. The site of the Google search engine is the most popular on the Internet: the number of unique visitors per day exceeds 1 billion people.

2. Microsoft

One of the largest multinational software corporations costs 340.8 billion dollars. The most widespread software platform in the world is Microsoft Windows, which employs more than 90% of computers in different countries.

1. Apple

For the fifth consecutive year, Apple is in the top 10 most profitable brands according to the Forbes rating. The corporation does not stop innovative developments in the field of personal computers and operating systems, and a highly aesthetic and easily recognizable design has created its products a unique reputation in the industry. The company's value is 741.8 billion dollars.