The highest-paid stars in the world, the Forbes 2015 rating

The edition of Forbes has published the annual list of 100 of the highest paid celebrities .He got a Russian Maria Sharapova( her income - 29.5 million dollars).In 2014, Sharapova was on the 63rd line of the rating, in the current moved to 88th place.

Given the big changes that have taken place in the entertainment world, the Forbes editorial board decided to change the methodology a little and for the first time made up truly international top-100 stars, regardless of their nationality. Thanks to this, Salman Khan and Amitabh Bachchan( two Bollywood superstars) took a higher position than Channing Tatum and the "man without Oscar" Leonardo DiCaprio.

When compiling the rating, incomes received by famous people during the period from June 1, 2014 to June 1, 2015 were taken into account.

Here's what the top ten most expensive superstars look like for Forbes.


  • 10. Cristiano Ronaldo
  • 9. Taylor Swift
  • 8. Robert Downey Jr
  • 7. James Patterson
  • 6. Garth Brooks
  • 5. Howard Stern
  • 4. One Direction
  • 3. Katy Perry
  • 2. Manny Pacquiao
  • 1. Floyd Mayweather

10. Cristiano Ronaldo

The income of one of the best football players of our time for the year was 79.5 million dollars.

9. Taylor Swift

An American country-pop singer started writing songs at the age of ten. Now Swift is 26 years old, and in one year she received 80 million dollars. The circulation of her best-selling album "1989" last year was 3.7 million copies.

8. Robert Downey Jr

The annual income of a genius, billionaire, philanthropist, playboy and just Iron Man is estimated at 80 million dollars. A new blockbuster with his participation( "The Avengers: Era of the Altron") for the first weekend of hire has collected 201.2 million dollars of box office fees and made Robert one of the highest paid movie actors of the world according to the Forbes version.

7. James Patterson

Famous American author and writer managed to win the hearts of 50 million readers, sell more than 230 million books and write more than 95 novels over the past four decades. Over the past year, it has become richer by $ 80 million.

6. Garth Brooks

There was a time when a country singer and self-proclaimed king of all media performed in clubs and bars in Oklahoma. And now Brooks is a world-famous singer and enjoys fame and fortune with 90 million dollars of annual profit in his pocket.

5. Howard Stern

The fifth place in the rating of the highest paid celebrities of 2015 is occupied by the American radio and TV host, producer, writer, actor and photographer. He is known for his lengthy radio show called "The Howard Stern Show", which is on Sirius XM Radio since January 2006.From 2014 to 2015, Stern earned 95 million dollars.

4. One Direction

The biggest boyz band in the world has visited every continent except Antarctica in the last 12 months. As a result - 130 million dollars in profits. Forbes notes that the wages of participants in the boy band are twice as high as those of the Rolling Stones.

3. Katy Perry

The third place of the top 10 stars with the highest incomes is occupied by the American singer, and in her spare time she is also the UN Goodwill Ambassador. In the Prismatic World Tour, dedicated to the Prism album, Perry gave 124 performances: 75 of them were held abroad, in 27 different countries. According to her managers, 60% of the singer's income( and for the year they amounted to 135 million dollars) were received from foreign markets. Such high fees allowed Cathy to become the highest-paid pop singer in 2015.

2. Manny Pacquiao

Boxers Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather met on May 2 in a welterweight bout that brought a record $ 4.4 million in pay-per-view television coverage, as well as $ 73 million in general fees and $ 13 million in sponsorship fees. Pacquiao lost the fight, but a small consolation he will serve 160 million dollars, received over the past 12 months.

1. Floyd Mayweather

Some celebrities throughout their careers are working hard to get to the top of the Forbes ranking "the world's highest paid celebrities."But the boxer Floyd Mayweather for this quite a few strokes. His total annual income was $ 300 million. That amount Mayweather was able to earn, mainly due to the victory over Manny Pacquiao.