Rating of the best restaurants in the world

A good restaurant is distinguished not only by the exquisite cuisine, but also by a special atmosphere, thoughtful design and a high level of service. Find such an institution is not easy. Therefore, the ratings and Tops of the catering points come to the aid.

Portal TripAdvisor has published the rating of the world's best restaurants , which is compiled from hundreds of visitors. Each institution was given the title of "Traveler's Choice".We suggest carefully studying the "appetizing ten" to know exactly where you can find everything you need for a perfect dinner in a comfortable environment.

  • 10. Toulouse Petit( USA, Seattle)
  • 9. Europea( Canada, Montreal)
  • 8. Guy Savoy( France, Paris)
  • 7. Ciya Sofrasi( Turkey, Istanbul)
  • 6. La Pergola( Italy, Rome)
  • 5. Le Gavroche( United Kingdom, London)
  • 4. Girl &The Goat( USA, Chicago)
  • 3. Le Cirque( Bellagio)( USA, Las Vegas)
  • 2. Restaurant Gary Danko( USA, San Francisco)
  • 1. Le Bernardin( USA, New York)

10. Toulouse Petit ( USA, Seattle)

offers Creole cuisine. The institution does not differ in sky-high prices - in the menu you can find a cocktail for $ 7.50 or dessert for $ 8-10.The average bill for one without alcohol, according to visitors who voted on TripAdvisor - $ 30.

9. Europea ( Canada, Montreal)

specializes in French cuisine. The average bill per person without alcohol is about $ 50.

8. Guy Savoy ( France, Paris)

is an exquisite French cuisine for every taste. The restaurant is awarded three Michelin stars, which means the highest level of mastery of the chefs of the establishment. The average bill without alcohol for one person is $ 130.

7. Ciya Sofrasi ( Turkey, Istanbul)

offers visitors dishes of Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine. Here you can have dinner for $ 20 dollars per person, except for alcohol.

6. La Pergola ( Italy, Rome)

specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant has a terrace, where you can elegantly dine while enjoying the beautiful views of the Italian capital. The average bill is $ 200 per person.

5. Le Gavroche ( Great Britain, London)

is a French cuisine restaurant, where you will have to book a table in a couple of months. Average bill without alcohol - $ 50.The restaurant is awarded 2 Michelin stars.

4. Girl &The Goat ( USA, Chicago)

- American cuisine with a good selection of beer and local wine. The average bill without alcohol is $ 30 per person.

3. Le Cirque ( Bellagio)( USA, Las Vegas)

offers dishes of Belgian and French cuisine. The interior of the restaurant is decorated with a silk tent and sketches from circus performances. The average bill is $ 100.

2. Restaurant Gary Danko ( USA, San Francisco)

are American cuisine prepared by the famous chef Gary Danko. The average bill is $ 70- $ 100

1. Le Bernardin ( USA, New York)

is the winner of "Traveler's Choice 2012".The restaurant specializes in French cuisine and seafood. The average bill is $ 90 per person without alcohol.