Top 10 Best Zombie Movies

A variety of movies about zombies invariably attract the attention of horror fans. Despite the uncomplicated plot, viewers are happy to revise again and again the stories about the living dead.
We offer top movies about zombies , which included a dozen paintings recommended for viewing by all fans of the genre.

We have prepared an updated list of the best zombie movies.
10. I Am Legend( I'm a legend), USA, 2007.The screen version of the novel by Richard Matheson about how an unknown virus, having killed half of the population of the Earth, the remaining turns into zombies. The task of the only person with mysterious immunity is to survive and find the antidote.

9. The country of the zombie( Zombie Nation), 2004, USA.The story of how a serial killer - a policeman is covered by his colleagues, and therefore young Romy is saved from evil only thanks to help from Voodoo. Enchantments act in such a way that the murderer begins to take revenge by an entire company of female zombies.

8. Welcome to Zombieland, USA, 2009.In the ravaged after the invasion of the zombie States, a group of survivors wander the country, fighting with dead dead and trying to find refuge in an amusement park. However, the failed abode turns into the arena of battle.

7. 28 days later( 28 Days Later), 2002, Great Britain. The story of the infection of England with a virus that causes irrepressible aggression. A group of survivors are desperately fighting against bloodthirsty monsters.

6. Dawn of the Dead, USA, Italy, 1978.The film is considered a classic "zombie genre".The Dawn of the Dead is the continuation of the 1968 film Night of the Living Dead. The film takes place on the territory of a multistory supermarket stuffed with live dead men.

5. Night of the Living Dead, 1968, USA. The best horror about the zombie is not necessarily the movies of recent years. Fans of the genre often recommend starting an acquaintance with the world of zombies from this movie. According to the plot, the zombies of the whole planet amicably rise from the graves and attack the living.

4. Shaun of the Dead( Zombie by the name of Sean), 2004, USA, France, Great Britain. Rating movies about zombies would be incomplete if it did not hit at least one parody. This film contains a lot of references to the best films dedicated to the living dead. The painting has many awards, including "The Best Horror Movie of 2005".

3. The Return of the Living Dead, 1985, USA.This film is among the "classical" and has four sequels, the last of which was filmed in 2005.The story of how the dead leave their graves to taste the human brain is exactly the one that 's best films about the zombie are most often marked.

2. Zombie Town, 2007, the USA.Unknown to science parasites quickly enough to turn into zombies the population of a small town. A simple mechanic Jake fights against the evil spirits in the company of his ex-girlfriend and another surviving fellow in misfortune.

1. Fido( Zombie called Fido), Canada, 2006.According to the plot, an army of zombies under the control of special collars is working for the benefit of humanity. But when the system fails, the eternal confrontation of the dead and alive begins, without which movies about zombies are inconceivable.