Top 10 best movies about space, a list of all times

The cosmos, mysterious and enticing, promises many miracles and discoveries to mankind. So far, people can not travel from planet to planet, like the heroes of the best films about space, but we can watch it on TV screens and dream. We present to you a selection of the most interesting pictures about space , issued in the period from 2000 to 2017.


  • 10. Serenity Mission( 2002)
  • 9. Gravitation( 2013)
  • 8. The Moon 2112( 2009)
  • 7. The Startrek: The Retribution( 2013)
  • 6. The Martian( 2015)
  • 5. The Guardians of the Galaxy2014)
  • 4. Star Trek( 2009)
  • 3. Star Wars: Episode 2 - Attack of the Clones( 2002)
  • 2. Star Wars: Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith( 2005)
  • 1. Interstellar( 2014)

10. Mission "Serenity "(2002)

Rating - 7.2

When in 2002 Fox studio closed the sci-fi series" Firefly "after one season, the indignation of his fans was very stormy. Very interesting was the universe shown in the series. In 2005, Joss Weedon assembled actors who played in the "Firefly" in the sequel, entitled "Mission Serenity."This is a wonderful sci-fi film about cosmic smugglers, whose life has become dramatically complicated after the passenger's passenger, Telepath River, has started hunting. Escaping the persecution of powerful enemies, "Serenity" falls into the possession of cannibals, the Death Eaters.

9. Gravitation( 2013)

Rating - 7.4

In the thriller Alfonso Cuaron there are no flying saucers and epic battles with aliens, there are only astronauts in distress in orbit. Astronaut Matt Kowalski( George Clooney) and medical engineering specialist Ryan Stone( Sandra Bullock) because of the destruction of the shuttle are without contact with the Earth. It seems that all they have to do is to move in orbit in outer space, not hoping for salvation.

To achieve the effect of weightlessness in the film, Quaron uses innovative visual effects. Actors stood inside a three-meter box, where the LED screen was placed. Because of this, actors could remain static, while the projected image could move around them. Then their faces were integrated into spacesuits made using computer graphics. So in many Gravity scenes, only Bullock and Clooney faces are real in the frame.

8. The Moon 2112( 2009)

Рейтинг - 7.5

In the top 10 films about space "Moon 2112" - the only film-theater of one actor. And Sam Rockwell coped with his task brilliantly, which the audience notes in their reviews.

For three years, Sam worked at the lunar station for the extraction of rare gas. His only companion was a clever robot assistant. And then the contract comes to an end and shortly before the flight home Sam meets his changer.

7. Startrek: Retaliation( 2013)

Rating - 7.6

The Enterprise team, led by Captain James Kirk, faces a practical undefeated villain Khan( Benedict Cumberbatch).It is important for Khan to save his comrades, for Kirk, to protect the Enterprise and humanity.

6. Martian( 2015)

Rating - 7.6

So far, NASA only dreams of sending people to the Red Planet and tells about it in one of the best documentary films about space - "The Man on Mars. Expedition to the red planet. "But the hero of the "Martian", a cheerful and purposeful biologist and engineer Mark Watney is already full of potatoes on Mars, waiting for the rescue expedition. Spectators note excellent camera work, a good acting game by Matt Damon and music, which emphasized the positive attitude of the hero.

5. Guardians of the Galaxy( 2014)

Rating - 7.7

Funny and interesting blockbuster about a motley group of non-heroes, united to save the universe. And let Mark Watney have potatoes, but the "Guardians of the Galaxy" has a battle raccoon and Groot!

4. Star Trek( 2009)

Rating - 7.7

It was a brave man who decided to take on one of the most revered franchises in the world and remake iconic characters such as Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. This man is JJ Abrams, the creator of Lost. Reboot "Star Trek" allowed Abrams to rejuvenate the crew of Entreprise and tell a new interesting story - while retaining the link to the old "Star Trek" in the form of Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock in old age.

3. Star Wars: Episode 2 - Attack of the Clones( 2002)

Rating - 8

In the second part of the Star Wars( the first one was released in 1999, so we did not get on our list), the love line between Padme and Anakin was continued. And the Jedi, who are busy rescuing the Republic from the separatists, do not even suspect that very near to them is a powerful and cunning enemy.

2. Star Wars: Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith( 2005)

Rating - 8

The third part of Star Wars, so beloved by the audience, will tell how Anakin "came to this life" - became a Sith, and also the defeat of the Jedi Order.

1. Interstellar( 2014)

Rating - 8.5

The first place in the list of the best films about space is a picture of astronauts who travel through the wormhole in search of a new home for humanity. The director Christopher Nolan was able to show in Interstellar and flights through the majestic and dangerous space, and landing on another planet and even another dimension with its unity of space and time. For some viewers, Interstellar may seem long, and it also has a specific terminology about "wormholes" and black holes. However, for good science fiction this is only a plus.