10 most anticipated Russian films of 2017

2017 promises to be rich in good news of the film distribution. Russia ceases to play the role of "laggards", increasing the potential in terms of the quality of films produced. Cinematography makes tremendous progress in the genres of action, drama and comedy. The screen is increasingly embodying historical facts, behind-the-scenes intrigues and intimate details of key persons of the past. We suggest to get acquainted with 10 most expected Russian films 2017.


  • 10. Anna Karenina. Intimate diary
  • 9. Big
  • 8. Matilda
  • 7. Time of the First
  • 6. Legend of Kolovrat
  • 5. Selfi
  • 4. Leaves: hope dies last
  • 3. Defenders of
  • 2. Attraction of
  • 1. Paradise

10. Anna Karenina. Intimate diary

An attempt to transfer the classic storyline to a modern day. The first "swallow" was the British "Sherlock", and he was a masterpiece. For the direction of the film "Anna Karenina", which opens the top 10 most anticipated premieres of Russian production, Yuri Grymov himself took up the job - a talented theater director with a powerful vision of events. Last time he turned to the classics 15 years ago and now again storms the bridgehead of the cinema. The impudent creator with a special flair has never been wrong. The highlight of the picture is the soundtrack from Diana Arbenina.

9. Big

The picture is built around a girl who seeks to conquer the stage of the most important theater in Russia. Here, and luxury of interiors, and a wealth of costumes and even professional ballet artists, dancing so well, as if born in pointe shoes. The director is Valery Todorovsky, famous for the extremely successful paintings Poddubny and Geograf globus propyl. Such a person is virtually the guarantor of the success of one of the most anticipated films of the year.

8. Matilda

The scandalous work of Alexei Uchitel gained popularity even before reaching the big screens. This was contributed by Natalia Poklonskaya herself( a deputy of the State Duma), who decided to check the tape for slander against Nicholas II.Her worries are partly understandable: the character is far from being a saint. The history of the prince Nikolai, the ballerina Matilda and the noble Vorontsov unfolds against the backdrop of the unparalleled decorations of key Moscow and St. Petersburg theaters.

7. Time of the First

Another patriotic picture about the feat. It's about the difficulties of man's entry into space. The trailer demonstrates to the horror authentic shots of the absurd and awkward tumbling of the cosmonaut in a swollen spacesuit, backed up by bravura inserts of the chronicle and even an interview with Alekseyev Leonov himself. The most anticipated by Russian cinema about space promises to be very beautiful, because the tape is produced by Timur Bekmambetov, and the director was Dmitry Kiselev. They will be able to convey a sense of patriotism and pride for the main characters, whose achievements to this day are keeping the Russian cosmonautics.

6. Legend of Kolovrat

The wave of the "Viking" had a serious impact on the cinema. If earlier, our only touched on the theme of the Second World War, now they are waving to more global historical topics that require a wide scope and an impressive budget. In the center - Ryazan hero Yevpaty, heroically, albeit hopelessly confronting the Khan Batu. Here the triumph of the Russian spirit is revealed. A trailer shows a lot of dynamic and epic battle scenes. It will be hot.

5. Selfi

The success of the two parts "Duhless" showed that the audience enthusiastically expects the adaptation of the novels of Sergei Minaev, especially if the main role is played by Danila Kozlovsky. The plot of "Selfie" tells about the writer and presenter Vladimir Bogdanov, so loaded up in constant hangouts and admirers, that he did not notice his own double, crushing under himself the fruits of someone else's work. While the vile "clone" successfully uses the glory and richness of the original, the protagonist becomes the same, the gray mass hated him.

4. Leaves: hope dies the last

Children of the 90's associate the "Field of Miracles" with Yakubovich, and "Guess the Melody" with Pelsh. The figure of Vlad Listyev is alien to them. However, the older generation remembers the talented journalist and showman who was at the root of the transformation of Russian television. The protagonist created an entertaining and analytical show that survived its own creator. Persona Listeva devoted a lot of books, films and essays, but the key attention is the mystery of the death of the presenter.

3. Defenders of

The superhero theme created by the comics "DC Comics" and "Marvel" has set a new vector in the development of cinematography, attracting countless fans. The creation of a domestic film of this kind was a matter of time. The first to join the niche was Sarik Andreasyan, the author of the unexpectedly successful "Earthquake."He has repeatedly been criticized, but some cherish the timid hope that the picture that opens the list of the 3 most anticipated Russian films will be successful. Well, the hero of the tape is the "symbol" of Russia and the personification of power - a man-bear named Arsus.

2. Attraction of

Fyodor Bondarchuk is a talented director, but this work differs from his previous films. He decided to go all-in, creating a picture telling about the first contact of people with extraterrestrial life form. Very brave move because of the world release of "Arrival" two months earlier. We will also take into account the fact that his work "Inhabited Island" has not gained much success among critics and spectators. Fyodor himself believes in the success of the work not only because of special effects, but also the first-class game by Irina Starshhenbaum and Alexander Petrov.

1. Paradise

Andrei Konchalovsky conceived a masterpiece project, which tells of the horrors of the Holocaust. Previously, such films filmed Steven Spielberg( Schindler's List) and Roman Polanski( Pianist).The director originally approached the topic, which, it seemed, had already outlived itself. The most anticipated Russian film of 2017 sometimes seems pseudo-documentary: most of the time the main characters reveal their motivation. It seems trite, but Konchalovsky took advantage of this technique brilliantly.

All events are tied to the character of Olga( Julia Vysotskaya) - aristocrat, who fled to France. She contacted Resistance, and then fell into the shelter of Jewish children, for which she was exiled to a concentration camp. The story is extremely intriguing and somewhat frightening.