Rating of the best films of 2014-2015, the list of novelties

Annually the producers release the novelties of the film distribution to the viewer's court. Today we offer the most comprehensive rating of hits in the last two years.

Rating of films 2014-2015 is made according to the resource Kinopoisk. As a result, a list was obtained, which includes ten best films for each year.

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  • Best movies of the year 2015
    • 10. Kingsman: Secret service of
    • 9. Stephen Hawking's universe
    • 8. Agents A.N.L.
    • 7. Cobain: Devilish installation
    • 6. Beastless beast
    • 5. Secret Zohar
    • 4. Victoria
    • 3. Martian
    • 2. Street Voice( another name - Straight from Compton)
    • 1. Mad Max: The Road of Fury
  • Best Movies 2014year
    • 10. The stars of the
    • 9 are to blame. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
    • 8. 20,000 days on Earth
    • 7. X-Men: Days of the Past-Future
    • 6. Judge
    • 5. Grand Budapest Hotel
    • 4. The Face of the Future
    • 3Bears
    • 2. Disappeared
    • 1. Interstellar

Best movies of the year 2015

10. Kingsman: The Secretluzhba

Opens a top 5 ranking in 2015 action comedy, which tells about the secret organization of independent, stand in defense of humanity. Become a member of such a team is not easy, but the main character has every chance to succeed.

9. The universe of Stephen Hawking

This biography of the greatest astrophysicist does not focus on scientific discoveries, but on Hawking's personal life. Uneasy relationships with colleagues, wife and friends are reflected in the plot.

8. Agents A.N.L.

The third place in the ranking is ironic spy thriller, in which agents of the CIA( Henry Cavill) and the KGB( Armie Hammer) stand shoulder to shoulder against the international organization that created the nuclear bomb.

7. Cobain: Damn editing

In the rating of films of 2015, in addition to entertaining blockbusters, a serious documentary tape got. Its author, Brett Morgen, is the copyright owner of Kurt Cobain's personal archives. In "The Devil's Editing" with the help of Cobain's home videos, an interview with his closest surroundings and animation, he showed the whole way of the famous musician, from the beginning of his career, to the peak of popularity.

6. Bezrodnye beasts

The life of the dreamy and mischievous fellow Agu( Abram Atta) from West Africa radically changes when a civil war comes to his village. His father and elder brother are dying, and Agu himself is forced to join a group of mercenaries. Emotional and hard film, showing the war through the eyes of a child whose soul has lost its innocence.

5. The Secret of the Zohar

In the hands of the protagonist Max( Alexander Demidov) was a scroll of Zohar, which described the history of the human race, from its creation to the end. Max has to go through many incarnations to fulfill the main task - to deliver the Zohar to Jerusalem.

Residents of Odessa, the Crimea, Kiev and Lviv can see familiar places in the Secret of Zohar, since most of the filming took place in these cities.

4. Victoria

Victoria, a young woman from Madrid, at the exit of the Berlin nightclub, meets with four local residents. With them, she goes to see the "real" night Berlin. In this picture of German production there are no cheap tricks, there are no mounting glues, everything is removed by one double. There is only realism, provided by acting and improvisation, as well as the effect of immersion, for which it is necessary to thank the operator.

3. The Martian

It's bold to go where no man's foot has walked - that's the great goal of science fiction. However, the fantastic film The Martian poses to the main character, botanist Mark Watney( Matt Damon) another task - to plant more potatoes. After all, in a single functioning residential module with small provisions, water, vitamins and air, it will have to last 4 years on the Red Planet before the next expedition.

2. The Voice of the Streets( another name is Straight from Compton)

A tape about the rise and fall of the gangsta rap group Niggaz With Attitudes( N.W.A), which revolutionized the genre of hip-hop. Five young people with their songs made the American public pay attention to acute social problems, such as police abuse. In the film, it is shown not so positive as in many of Hollywood's handicrafts.

The time span of the events shown in the Voice of the streets covers almost a decade, from the late 1980s to 1996, that is, one of the most controversial and interesting periods in the history of music. In the picture, the atmosphere of the "black" ghetto of the 80s with all its color and vices is superbly transmitted.

1. Mad Max: Road of rage

The best novelties of films of 2015 are headed by the fourth tape from the franchise "Mad Max".In the key role of Max Rokatanski, Tom Hardy starred, and Charlize Theron played the warlord Furies. The plot of the militant unfolds in the near future, in which there are no cities or civilization. Max, caught in slavery in the Citadel, the bastion of Undying Joe, joins a small squad of fugitives. Under the command of the military commander Furiosa, they travel through the wilderness in combat transport, taking something very valuable from Joe.

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The best films of 2014

10. The stars are to blame

Melodrama tells the story of the love of a girl who is in remission after treatment for cancer and a young man attending a support group for cancer patients. The film shows how you can find a way out in the most difficult situation.

9. Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

The adventures of Hobbit Bilbo attract millions of spectators. This time in the company of 13 gnomes he will go to the Lonely Mountain. With a budget of $ 250 million, the blockbuster could not get boring or not enough spectacular.

8. 20,000 days on Earth

The plot is uncomplicated - musician and writer Nick Cave celebrates the twenty thousandth day on planet Earth.24 hours from the life of an interesting person, telling about himself, about creativity, and also about everything gradually.

7. X-Men: Days of the Past The

The new part of the legendary sequel will tell how the mutants will be exterminated by robot hunters. The only chance for survival is a journey into the past with the good purpose of preventing the emergence of mechanical assassins.

6. Judge

It's not always the judge who is out of suspicion. So, a successful lawyer, having arrived at the funeral of his mother, finds his father, a city judge, under the charge of murder. Naturally, the hero remains to unravel the matter and get to the truth.

5. Grand Budapest Hotel

Concierge Gustav and his friend Porte Zero are experiencing incredible adventures. They are witnessing the theft of expensive paintings, watching the struggle for a huge legacy and participating in other dramatic and amusing episodes.

4. The Face of the Future

The story begins with the invasion of the alien army. The protagonist dies in battle, but suddenly resurrects, to repeatedly experience death in an effort to defeat the enemy.

3. Bears

The documentary tells about the life of a real family of bears in Alaska. As the cubs mature, they learn a wide variety of life lessons. A good story about nature for spectators of all ages.

2. Disappeared

The plot of this thriller is twisted around the search for a missing akkurat on the wedding anniversary of the spouse of the protagonist. For the filming in this picture, Ben Affleck even postponed the work on his own film.

1. Interstellar

Heads the rating of the films of 2014 adventure drama about the journey into space in search of a new home for humanity. According to the viewers' comments, Interstellar entered the list of the best films of a fantastic genre for the last five years.

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