Rating of the best superhero series

Superheroes demonstrate the wonders of strength, agility and resourcefulness. All their lives they save the world and fight crime. Such telenovela - a win-win option for producers, because movies and serials about superheroes like to watch millions of viewers around the world. Each series is a fascinating story about incredible adventures and super abilities.

In the current ten, has collected the best serials about superheroes , ranked according to the reviews of the visitors of the Afisha Mail portal.

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  • 10. Pretender
  • 9. People Alpha
  • 8. Unusual family
  • 7. Kyle XY
  • 6. 4400
  • 5. Heroes
  • 4. Arrow
  • 3. Bad
  • 2. Smallville's secrets
  • 1. Supernatural
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    10. Pretender

    Absoluteeny named Jared can almost instantly master any profession and transform beyond recognition. Changing the hypostasis, Jared helps a variety of people in difficult life situations. Kinonovella, the closing rating of the series about superheroes, totals 4 seasons, which took place on TV from 1996 to 2000.

    9. People Alpha

    A whole team of superheroes help the government fight the terrorist cell Red Flag, whose members are also endowed with supernatural powers. Each of the people of Alpha is daily pushed with the need to choose between duty and feelings, good and evil. The series has 2 seasons, aired in 2011 and 2012.

    8. Unusual family

    Are super abilities passed by inheritance? Members of an unusual family know exactly the answer to this question. Spouses Jim and Stephanie, as well as their two children, discover unusual talents after a terrible plane crash. While the series has one season, consisting of 20 series.

    7. Kyle XY

    An unusual teenager Kyle was found in a suburban forest near Seattle. He does not know how to eat at the table and sleep in the usual bed, but has his own extraordinary abilities. Kyla everywhere is haunted by inexplicable and mysterious incidents, to deal with which psychologist wishes Nicole Tregger.

    6. 4400

    Once abducted by aliens, 4,400 earthlings were returned back. Now each of them has supernatural abilities, which the US government decides to deal with. The series has 4 seasons, which were broadcast from 2004 to 2007.

    5. Heroes

    Unusual abilities in ordinary people suddenly awaken during a solar eclipse. Now their task is to prevent a catastrophe capable of taking the lives of millions of earthlings. The series "Heroes" was released in 2006 and has 4 seasons.

    4. Arrow

    Billionaire Oliver Quin has completely changed after the shipwreck and life on a desert island. Returning to his hometown, he decides to fight the evil, using the unique skills of the shooter, received on the island. The series was released on TV in 2012 and has already entered the list of the best series of 2013-2014.

    3. Bad

    Choosing the best series about superheroes, the list should be supplemented not only with serious dramatic novels about the fight against evil, but also with a fun fantastic comedy like "Bad."Small criminals are struck by lightning while serving public works. The five of the most law-abiding members of society suddenly appear supernormal.

    2. Secrets of Smallville

    The series tells about the youth of Clark Kent, who later will become the legendary Superman. Started in 2001, the series has 10 seasons, the last of which was completed in 2011.

    1. Supernatural

    Top top series about superheroes story about the adventures of two extraordinary brothers - Sam and Dean Winchesters. They are not destined to live a normal and peaceful life, because the task of superheroes is to fight the evil forces. The series consists of 9 seasons, based on his motives, comics and computer games were released.