The most interesting facts about the 4th season of the series "The Game of Thrones"

The beginning of a new season of the world-famous series "The Game of Thrones" was expected by millions of spectators. Therefore, on the Internet for the joy of the fans now and then there were details about filming a ten-part sequel to the epic.

In today's compilation you will find the most interesting facts about the new 4th season of the "Game of Thrones" series , release date: April 6, 2014.


  • 10. The plot of the fourth season of
  • 9. The location of the shooting
  • 8. The Russians in "The Game of Thrones"
  • 7. The change of actors in the series
  • 6. Dragons
  • 5. The new heroes of "The Game of Thrones"
  • 4. Popular hero names
  • 3. Series for the benefit of the
  • 2. Age limitations
  • 1. Will the continuation of the series

10. The plot of the fourth season

Although the exact story is kept secret, it will be based on the second half of J. Martin's book The Storm of Swords, as well as events, described in the fourth and fifth books of the series.

9. Place of shooting

Immediately after the production of the third season of the series all the crew went to Iceland, where they shot many scenes of the fourth season. Also shooting took place in Dubrovnik( Croatia) and in Northern Ireland.

8. Russians in "The Game of Thrones"

In the fourth season, Russian actor Yuri Kolokolnikov will play the role of Stir, the deified leader of the tenns, one of the clans of the wild.

7. Changing the actors in the series

The role of "Mountains" by Grigor Cligan will be performed by Hafpor Julius Bjornsson - an Icelandic bodybuilder. The role of "Mountains" will be the very first in his career as an actor. Björnsson is the third actor to play this role. There will also be a change in the actor, who plays the role of Daario Naharis, in the fourth season of the yoke played by Michael Heisman.

6. Dragons

The little dragons that appeared in the first season will finally grow and turn into real lethal machines. The size of an adult dragon is sure to impress the audience - because it exceeds the combat helicopter.

5. The new heroes of "The Game of Thrones"

In the fourth season, viewers will get acquainted with the Red Serpent of Dorn - Oberin Martell. He is to enter into battle with the mountain man Grigor Kligan.

4. Popular Hero Names

Last year, more than 700 newborn girls on earth received the name Arya - in honor of the youngest daughter Eddard Stark. Another 150 babies were named Khalisi in honor of Deyeneris Targarien.

3. TV series for the benefit of the

economy The shooting of the fourth season allowed the creation of 800 new jobs in Northern Ireland. In addition, here, as well as in Iceland and Croatia are gaining popularity tours "in the footsteps of the Games of Thrones", during which tourists inspect the locations of the filming of your favorite TV series.

2. Age Restrictions

Like the first three seasons, the sequel continues with the 18+ label. The film, as before, abounds in naturalistic scenes of violence and bloodshed. And yet a fictional world attracts more and more fans.

1. Will the continuation of the series

The most interesting fact about the series The game of thrones should appeal to all fans:

The series "Game of Thrones" should cover all books of the same name series. To date, 5 novels by J. Martin have been published. In 2014, the 6th book "Winds of Winter" should be published, followed in 2016 by another one - "Dreams of Spring", declared final.