The best cartoons of all time( top 5)

Best cartoons of all time. Childhood. Huge happiness when my mother brings a new cartoon as a gift, and it can be reviewed again and again for hours. Now there are many new cartoons, sometimes oriented not at the age of children, but there are those that will remain in the memory of many forever. Someone grew up on these cartoons, someone raised their children on them, and someone looked or looked or only a decade after the release. Of course, rating of the best cartoons is extremely subjective, but I think many will agree with this.

5. Balto( Balto), 1995.

Balto is a cartoon film, to some extent based on real events. At the beginning of the cartoon, a monument is displayed which is really in the Central Park of New York and it was erected in honor of the husky that saved the town of Nome from the epidemic of diphtheria. Laika was called Balto.

Balto from the cartoon is not quite like it, it's half dog, and half wolf. Such a genealogy makes him an outcast among the dogs of the town, and only a few friends remain loyal to him. In the city, an epidemic that threatens the lives of many people, including a little girl, who is the mistress of friend of Balto Jenna, flares up. For the necessary medicine sends the dog team, but on the way back the dogs get off the road. And only the wolf part of Balto's essence will help them to find the way and save the town.

4. Spirited Away( Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi), 2001

During the move to a new home, the family lost their way in a mysterious forest, in which they found a no less strange town, reminiscent of an old amusement park. The town turned out to be empty and consisted entirely of small restaurants, in which there was also no one. But in one of them stood tables, breaking from the dishes, and parents decide to have a snack, and their ten-year-old girl goes to inspect the town. She notes that with the onset of darkness the town is filled with strange creatures, similar to shadows, and the dried-up channel through which they passed into the city turned into a stormy river. Back in the restaurant, where she left her parents, the girl discovers that they turned into pigs. A frightened girl meets a boy named Haku, who explains to her what can be done. And the girl has to work long and hard for Yubabu - the mistress of this town, to return home with her parents.

Despite the fantastic nature of the action in the cartoon, there are a lot of life situations and bright images.

3. How to Train Your Dragon( 2010)

Many generations of the island of Oluh grew up in a hatred of dragons who, in periodic raids, dragged cattle, set fire to houses, and killed residents. But the son of the leader of the tribe Ikking did not find the strength to learn how to kill dragons, for which he was ridiculed by all peers, as well as adults, but he was sure that as soon as he killed the dragon, his life would radically change. And during the next attack of dragons, Ikking manages to bring down the most mysterious dragon - the night fury, but finding it in the forest, the boy does not dare to finish off the defenseless creature. The next day, Icking found the dragon in the same place - he could not fly because of a trauma to the tail. The boy brought him fish and made a prosthetic for the tail, they began to fly together and gradually became friends. Over time, Icking learned a lot about the dragons, which allowed them to win the competition without harming the dragons. He also learned that dragons and cattle do not steal at all for themselves, they have to feed a huge dragon who lives in a cave. Now, before Ikking, the challenge is to show the fellow tribesmen the world he saw.

2. WALL · AND( WALL · E), 2008

In the distant future, the planet Earth was so polluted that people had to temporarily move to live in a spaceship in which all work is done by robots, while other robots clean the planet of debris. But after 700 years, people still live in space, and at the same time their muscles are so atrophied that they can not even move without the help of robots, and only one of them remains on the Earth - WALL · E.This robot continues to collect garbage in huge piles, but still collects the remains of the former civilization. But his measured life is disturbed by EVE - a robot sent by people to search for vegetation on a planet in which WALL · E instantly falls in love, and he goes with her to the ship. And the captain of the ship makes a decision to return to Earth to restore the planet, but as it turned out to be the head computer of the ship - AUTO, which begins to make independent decisions.

  1. The Lion King, 1994

3D version of the cartoon The Lion King, won the title "Best Cartoon of 2012".

The long-awaited heir of Simba is born to the king-lion of Mufasa, who in the future should become the king of the savannah. But Mufasa's brother does not like this arrangement, before Simba's birth he was the only candidate for the throne. The scar( this is the name of the king's brother) decides to kill Mufasa and his son and lures Simba to the hoofs of the fleeing herd of antelopes. Mufasa rushes to the rescue and rescues the lion cub, but he himself hardly grasps the edge of the rock, from where he is thrown off by the Scar. After this, Shram convinces Simba that his father's death is his fault, and forcing the future king to flee.

Simba escapes, and gets to know an unusual couple - a warthog Pumbaya and a surikat Timon. Together with them he grows up and learns that everything in life is Hakuna Matata. But one day a lioness runs into the habitat of three friends in search of food, in which Simba finds out the childhood friend of Nala. From it, he learns that Shram took the throne, and decides to go home to become king.