Top 10 films about witches, the list of the best

Long gone are the times when witches were burned at the stake. But many people are still afraid of witches, and domestic and foreign cinema with pleasure warms up this fear, producing frightening films such as "Viya" and "Witches of Blair".However, there is quite a peaceful, even a merry movie, and real masterpieces that you want to review repeatedly. We present to you the most interesting and popular films about witches from 2000 to 2017.The list of the best was compiled on the basis of the rating of the spectators at the "Film Search".


  • 10. Gift of the Good Witch( 2010)
  • 9. Dead Silence( 2006)
  • 8. The Sorcerer's Apprentice( 2010)
  • 7. The Brothers Grimm( 2005)
  • 6. The Good Witch( 2008)
  • 5. Maleficent( 2014))
  • 4. The Garden of the Good Witch( 2009)
  • 3. Stardust( 2007)
  • 2. The Walking Castle( 2004)
  • 1. The Severe Test( 2014)

10. The Gift of the Good Witch( 2010)

Rating - 6.7

Opens the compilationmovies about the wizarding is a cheerful picture filled with romance and festive spirit. The witch Cassie is going to marry Jake Russell for Christmas, but various obstacles come up in the way of implementing this idea. Then the dog dines with a festive cake, then the former prisoner tries to search Cassie's house in search of money hidden there. Well, how can you not turn to magic for help?

9. Dead silence( 2006)

Rating - 6.7

One of the scariest witch movies, so it's best not to watch it with children and impressionable people. A married couple Jemmy and Lisa, who lived in a small town, heard scary stories about the witch Mary Shaw, who owned a huge number of dolls. After death, she did not find peace, but when meeting with her you need to remain silent, otherwise Mary will take the language of the unhappy. Spouses believed that the legend of the witch - it's just a terrible fairy tale. But after the death of his wife Jemmy had to start his own investigation and it turns out to be connected with Mary.

8. Sorcerer's Apprentice( 2010)

Rating - 6.9

Let the main character of this painting - not a witch, but a beginning magician Dave, a disciple of Balthasar Blake( played by Nicolas Cage), a witch in the film is also present. As a chef from the "Elusive Avengers", she will appear at the last moment. And until then, you can enjoy a good fantasy about the opposition of Good and Evil, with good special effects and good humor.

7. The Brothers Grimm( 2005)

Рейтинг - 7

The hard work is to be a fighter against evil spirits. The hardest thing is to convince the local people that the evil spirits really exist, and it must be expelled for a coin. This is exactly what the Will brothers and Jacob Grimm did, until the glory of them reached the authorities. And then the adventurers had to investigate a deadly affair connected with the real evil.

6. Kind Witch( 2008)

Рейтинг - 7.1

With the arrival of a beautiful and mysterious lady in a small town, an unusual animation began. The harmful and inconsistent wife of the mayor is trying to expose a stranger from the city, because rumor has it that people come from evil spirits. But the audience should not be banned from the children's screens, there will be no horrors in the "Good Witch", this picture can be safely recommended for family viewing.

5. Maleficent( 2014)

Rating - 7.3

The young and gay sorceress Maleficent( Angelina Jolie) led a quiet life, surrounded by fairy-tale creatures. But one day a young man came into her possession, with whom Maleficent became friends, and then fell in love with him. However, her lover for power deprived Maleficent of the opportunity to fly and in the heart of the sorceress settled only sadness and a thirst for revenge. And when Princess Aurora is born, Maleficenta has a chance to take revenge on the person who betrayed her for everything.

4. The Garden of the Good Witch( 2009)

Rating - 7.5

In the best films about the witches came another story about the cheerful and kind sorceress Cassie. Deciding to open the hotel in her house, she did not even suspect that her first guest would be the descendant of her husband, the Gray Lady, who once owned the house. The new tenant is determined to survive Cassie from home and get it himself.

3. Stardust( 2007)

Rating - 7.6

Once upon a time a bright star fell from the sky. And Tristan Thorn, a resident of a small village, promised to get this star for his beloved Victoria. In his quest, Thorne will face powerful witches who have their plans on the star, a strange captain of a pirate ship, royal conspirator sons and find their true love.

2. Walking Castle( 2004)

Rating - 8.2

The second place in our rating is the magnificent, wise and emotional anime created by the cult Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki. It tells of a kind and hardworking girl Sophie, whom the wicked Witch Pustosha turned into an old woman. Seeking someone who can remove the curse, Sophie meets with the powerful sorcerer Haul and his fiery demon Kaltsifer."Walking Castle" can be viewed by the whole family, everything is beautiful in it - from graphics and storyline to music and moral message.

1. Severe Test( 2014)

Rating - 8.7

Heads the top witch films of the story of the notorious process of witchcraft in the city of Salem. A group of young townspeople go to the forest to bewitch the suitors. They help the black woman Tituba. But the girls come to the attention of an outsider and they are threatened with accusation of witchcraft. One of the girls, Abigail, trying to ward off suspicions from herself and her friends, accuses Tituba of being possessed by the devil. But the black woman is not going to be a submissive victim and calls the names of "true witches".And in a small city begins "witch's" hysteria.