Top 10 movies about hackers, the list of the best

Who are hackers? These are people who by chaotic "fluttering" with their fingers on the keyboard can crack any password in a few seconds. Hollywood films have taught us this stereotype. We present to you the best films about hackers , selected according to this criterion, as rating on "Film Search".Maybe, they are far from reality, but they are spectacular, full of action and they make famous actors. The selection includes films produced in 2000-2017.Therefore, it was not hit extremely popular, but slightly outdated "Matrix"( 1999 release).But its continuations have got.


  • 10. Encoder( 2002)
  • 9. Password "Swordfish"( 2001)
  • 8. Die Hard 4.0( 2007)
  • 7. Who am I?(2014)
  • 6. Playing in the simulation( 2014)
  • 5. The Matrix: The Revolution( 2003)
  • 4. The Matrix: Reloaded( 2003)
  • 3. The Social Network( 2010)
  • 2. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo( 2011)
  • 1(2010)

10. Coder( 2002)

Rating - 6.9

A film with already obsolete special effects, but a hypnotic-mysterious, albeit gloomy atmosphere. The plot of "Coder" is simple: Morgan Sullivan, deciding that his life is too boring, agrees to spy for the powerful corporation "Digzhikorp."With the help of a secret device disguised as a pen, he sends the corporation messages to competitors at various presentations. But one day a mysterious woman named Rita tells Sullivan that "Digicorp" makes of its spies resigned puppets, the pen is no transmitter, and the corporation does not need information at all.

9. Password "Swordfish"( 2001)

Rating - 7.2

One of the best movies about hackers. In the list of actors starred in it appear John Travolta, Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry. With such stars, the picture was simply doomed to success. Travolta plays Gabriel Shira, the ex-spy, and now the most dangerous criminal who is going to steal $ 9 billion from the secret funds of the government. To steal, he needs help from a hacker capable of hacking any security system. Such a virtuoso of the hacking world is Stanley Jobson, who served for hacking the FBI base. Stanley has a daughter, and Shir offers the future podelniku custody of her daughter and a chance for a new life if the operation succeeds. That's only Jobson soon realizes that at stake is much more than money.

8. Die Hard 4.0( 2007)

Rating - 7.3

Let Bruce Willis grow old, his "Die Hardies" are still loved by the audience. This time John McClane and his young assistant hacker, Matt Farrell, are saving the world from an unusual terrorist threat. Villains decided to return humanity to the "prehistoric world", bringing down all computer systems.

7. Who am I?(2014)

Rating - 7.4

If you have decided that this is a movie with Jackie Chan, you are mistaken. In this picture, the main character is not a memory spy, but a young genius hacker Benjamin. He dreamed of being like a superhero, but in real life - a bore and a loner. Once Benjamin meets a charismatic guy named Max. Together they go against the system, making several high-profile cyber-robberies. Now Max and Benjamin are idols of advanced youth, and at the same time the most wanted criminals in virtual space. But can this space give Benjamin the answer to the question of who he is: a king or an empty place?

6. Playing the simulation( 2014)

Rating - 7.5

In the center of events - the genius-Englishman Alan Turing, who during World War II helps the military to crack the code of the German encryption machine Enigma. Liked those who love movies with Benedict Cumberbatch, as well as those who prefer exciting, and yet easy-to-understand stories. But those who do not accept the topic of homosexuality from the word "in general" "Playing in imitation" is unlikely to cause rapture.

5. The Matrix: The Revolution( 2003)

Rating - 7.6

Coming a decisive battle between the machines and residents of Zion. And the Chosen One should end the war. But does Neo have enough strength to stop the machines, and at the same time the countless proliferated agents of the Smiths? Epic completion of the magnificent trilogy will not leave indifferent even satiated with special effects and fantastic pictures of the viewer.

4. Matrix: Reloaded( 2003)

Rating - 7.7

The continuation of the truly cult "Matrix" is a real gift for those who believe in the theory of conspiracy. Only here the world is run not by the secret government, but by the machines and the computer version of God - the Architect. In the second part of the trilogy, Neo will have to find a way to the Architect to find out what the Matrix is ​​and where is the source of great human strength and great human weakness.

3. Social Network( 2010)

Rating - 7.7

A film about how one of the "mastodons" of social networks was created - Facebook. Episodes of the fantastic success story of programmer Mark Zuckerberg are intertwined with court hearings, and once the best friends become strangers.

Youth, parties, computers, envy, ambitions, love - all this is in the "Social Network", and of all this she was born.

2. Girl with a dragon tattoo( 2011)

Rating - 7.7

Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara are a magnificent duo, on whose shoulders - the lion's share of the success of this picture."Girl with a dragon tattoo" tells about a journalist and a tattooed hacker girl who investigates the mysterious disappearance of Harriet Wanger - one of the representatives of the powerful and wealthy clan Vanger.

1. Beginning( 2010)

Rating - 8.7

The first place in our top 10 is the film, directed by Christopher Nolan. It starred a whole galaxy of celebrities, from Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Ellen Page and Marion Cotillard. The plot of "The Beginning" is complicated and interesting. There is also an attractive area of ​​lucid dreaming, and industrial espionage and father's love. Nolan mixed thriller, science fiction and detective so expertly and in the right proportions that it's almost impossible to tear yourself away from the screen.