The best series of 2016-2017, list-rating of foreign

In the era of an abundance of TV series, one of the most difficult tasks for viewers is to narrow the schedule of viewing to really interesting and fascinating serials. We are ready to help you with this. We present the list of of the best serials 2016-2017 of the year .The rating of foreign multi-series films is made based on the criteria: the number of users of the Movie Search, the IMDb rating.

  • 20. "The Big Bang Theory"( 2007 -. ..)
  • 19. "The Ark"( 2011 - 2013)
  • 18. "The Empty Crown"( 2012 -. ..)
  • 17. The Vikings( 2013 -. ..)
  • 16. "Young Pope"( 2016 -. ..)
  • 15. "Downton Abbey"( 2010 - 2015)
  • 14. "Force Majeures"( 2011 -. ..)
  • 13. "Very strange cases"( 2016 -. ..)
  • 12. "Red bracelets"( 2011 -. ..)
  • 11. "Protected"( 2010-2012)
  • 10. Fargo( 2014 -. ..)
  • 9. Narco( 2015 -. ..)
  • 8. "The Black Bracelets"(2011 -. ..)
  • 7. "Sharp Visors"( 2013 -. ..)
  • 6. "House of Cards"( 2013 -. ..)
  • 5. The World of the Wild West( 2016 -. ..)
  • 4. "Shameless"( 2011 -. ..)
  • 3. "The real detective"( 2014 -. ..)
  • 2. Sherlock( 2010 -. ..)
  • 1. "The Game of Thrones"( 2011 - 2017)

20."The Big Bang Theory"( 2007 -. ..)

Genre: melodrama, comedy

Seasons number - 10

You can be a genius who understands how the universe works and is completely helpless in dealing with the opposite sex. These are the main characters of the series - Sheldon Cooper with IQ 186 and Asperger's Syndrome, and his friend Leonard. Observing their relationship with the beautiful Penny, as well as for the mass of situations in which contrived to hit( and sometimes and to get stuck), fanciful characters will brighten up the audience for more than one evening.

19. "Ark"( 2011 - 2013)

Genre: fantasy, drama, adventure

Number of seasons - 3

If you like films with a post-apocalyptic story, in which there is a lot of water, and few people, then agree that "The Ark" is definitelyis among the best foreign TV series. The list of merits of the series is great, among them: a beautiful and well-played acting team, interesting tie-ups and series endings, well-designed love lines, musical accompaniment, tuning the audience to the right way. Negative feedback was given to the product placement of the Coca-Cola drink, there will be plenty of it, as well as a crumpled denouement.

18. "Empty Crown"( 2012 -. ..)

Genre: historical drama

Number of seasons - 2

Our serial hit parade continues the screening of a number of historical plays that have come out from William Shakespeare's pen. The series "The Empty Crown" includes the following tapes: "Richard II", "Henry IV.Part 1 "," Henry IV.Part 2 "and" Henry V ".Politics, intrigues, power, good literary basis - everything that is required to ensure that viewers are not bored in front of the screen.

17. "Vikings"( 2013 -. ..)

Genre: action, melodrama, history

Number of seasons - 5

High-budget series with brutal heroes, magnificent nature, well-designed costumes, household items and weapons. Action in the series is not so much, the main emphasis is on the formation and relationship of the protagonist, adventurer and warrior, the future king( played by Travis Fimell) with his entourage.

16. "Young Papa"( 2016 -. ..)

Genre: drama

Number of seasons - 1

Continues the rating of the best series of the world of cinema, which deals with the Italian Lenni Belardo, elected Pope Pius XIII.This person's actions are very difficult to predict, he is energetic and eccentric. And the cardinal game begins against Lenny.

15. "Downton Abbey"( 2010 - 2015)

Genre: drama, melodrama

Seasons number - 6

Originally this family saga was planned as a mini-story, and its first awards deserved in this capacity. The popularity of the "Downton Abbey" led to the fact that the creators expanded their offspring to six seasons. They have: a brilliant cast, a well-conveyed life of British aristocrats and their servants, turbulent events of the early 20th century. And also the inheritance, love and cunning. And a rare thing: no negative review of the expert on this good show at the Film Search.

14. "Force Majeure"( 2011 -. ..)

Genre: drama, detective, comedy

Seasons number - 7

One of the best series about lawyers ready to fight evil in the realities of modern American society with all its ulcers and gloss.

13. "Very strange deeds"( 2016 -. ..)

Genre: horror, thriller, fantasy

Seasons number - 2

The disappearance of a boy plunges a small city into chaos when the mother of the missing( Winona Ryder) and his friends gradually reveal a terrible truth. It includes a monster, a parallel dimension and a government plot.

12. "Red bracelets"( 2011 -. ..)

Genre: drama, comedy

Number of seasons - 1

A story about young people who made friends while on hospital beds. It will be interesting not only for adults, but also for teenagers who usually do not think about the value of their own or someone else's life.

11. "Protected"( 2010-2012)

Genre: drama, fantasy

Number of seasons - 3

A fascinating family series about children with superpowers and their parents. To protect against an unknown organization kidnapping special children, parents join together in a group representing a large family. They move to a place called "Lost Valley" to find answers to their questions.

10. "Fargo"( 2014 -. ..)

Genre: thriller, crime

Number of seasons - 3

Violence, references to the creativity of the Coen brothers and black humor await you in the story of a simple guy, Leicester, caught in the criminals. However, if you like series, filled with shooting, then "Fargo" - not the best choice. The scenes here are protracted, there are many conversations, little action.

9. Narco( 2015 -. ..)

Genre: drama, crime

Seasons number - 4

Life and absolutely not instructive adventures of drug lord Pablo Escobar. Spectators are waiting for immersion in the color of Columbia in the 80-90s of the 20th century, the emergence of the drug empire Escobar and his struggle with good American agents for fighting drugs, as well as Colombian policemen.

8. "Black mirror"( 2011 -. ..)

Genre: fantasy, thriller

Number of seasons - 4

Each episode of the "Black Mirror" is a self-sufficient story. But all the stories unite the sense of fear that arises from our relationship with modern technology, with their vast and often disturbing possibilities.

7. "Sharp peaks"( 2013 -. ..)

Genre: crime, drama

Number of seasons - 5

A real gift for lovers of gangster movies. The history of the Shelby family, which at the beginning of the last century rules a criminal ball in Birmingham. Shelby's business card was sewn into the visors of the head-blades of the blade.

6. "House of Cards"( 2013 -. ..)

Genre: drama

Seasons number - 5

American politician Frank Underwood helps Garrett Walker to take the post of guarantor of democracy all over the world. However, Walker, having achieved the desired, does not give Underwood the promised post of Secretary of State. Enraged Underwood and his wife elect a revenge plan.

5. "World of the Wild West"( 2016 -. ..)

Genre: fantasy, western

Seasons number - 2

The only representative of the genre of "westerns" in the rating of serials 2016-2017.Popular actors, the aesthetics of cyberpunk in combination with the realities of the Wild West, an intriguing though sometimes confusing plot - that's the beauty of this movie.

4. "Shameless"( 2011 -. ..)

Genre: drama, comedy

Seasons number - 7

How to survive in this world and have fun, while working as little as possible? The "Shameless" answer this question. This is another multi-series family comedy in the rating of foreign serials.

3. "The real detective"( 2014 -. ..)

Genre: detective, drama

Number of seasons - 2

One of those rare serials that managed to meet very high expectations, viewers and even surpass these expectations in some episodes. The plot is built around two partners( Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson), investigating the case of serial killings with a mystical bias.

2. "Sherlock"( 2010 -. ..)

Genre: detective, crime

Number of seasons - 4

Vasily Livanov for many remains the best Sherlock of all time. However, Benedict Cumberbatch with his extraordinary appearance also could fully get used to the role of a genius detective. The events of the series are unfolding in London these days, so that villains and heroes are armed with all the technological novelties, and this gives the plot extra urgency.

1. "Game of Thrones"( 2011 - 2017)

Genre: fantasy, drama, adventure

Seasons number - 8

The brilliant screen version of George Martin's books tops the best series of 2016-2017.As a rule, serials reduce the bar after season 5.It's almost unheard of for the eighth season of the show to be as popular as the first one. However, the "Game of Thrones" succeeded. True, in the new series there is less sex and more emotional component, but it does not spoil them. The tragedy of Hodor's death, the evolution of Sansa from the helpless victim to the cynical and tough lady, the realization of Arya's revenge, the exciting "battle of the bastards". .. There are only 13 episodes left( 7 in the seventh season and 6 in the eighth) and it's not hard to imagine that they will be in the cinematic topnext year.