15 of the worst horror films in the world

The choice of a mystical picture that is capable of getting to the goose is not an easy task. As in the case of comedy, horror is in the heart of the beholder. What some find frightening gives others the opportunity to laugh heartily. However, in the world there are the most terrible horror films , which managed to scare a large number of people. These are included in our hit parade of the best horror movies of the 21st century, based on reviews, ratings of viewers and rating at the Film Search.

Before viewing the trailers do not forget to remove the children from the screen. Monsters, frightening scenes and blood will be many.

  • 15. "Darkness"( 2002)
  • 14. "Paranormal phenomenon"( 2007)
  • 13. "The hills have eyes"( 2006)
  • 12. "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"( 2003)
  • 11. "30(2007)
  • 10. "Wax House"( 2005)
  • 9. "Report from the Underworld"( 2009)
  • 8. "Turn Not Right"( 2003)
  • 7. "Thirteen Ghosts"( 2001)
  • 6. "The Curse"( 2004)
  • 5. "Dead Silence"( 2006)
  • 4. "Paradise Lake"( 2008)
  • 3. "Ghost Ship"( 2002)
  • 2. "Saw 3"( 2006)
  • 1. "Mist"( 2007)

15. "Darkness"( 2002)

Three weeks ago, just before the solar eclipseThe girl Regina and her family moved to a charming old mansion in a remote Spanish countryside. And to live and rejoice, but day by day strange force affects new tenants. And Regina is the only brave enough person to decide the nature of this terrible force. However, all the answers lie deep within the walls of the house: something ancient, terrifying and hungry is hidden in the dark.

Really frightening movie makes not an abundance of blood, but the atmosphere and music. And with the one and the other according to the spectators' reviews, the "Darkness" has full order.

14. "Paranormal phenomenon"( 2007)

This American film spawned five sequels and numerous parodies, but neither time nor imitation reduced the frightening effect of this film on viewers. The "paranormal phenomenon" breathed new life into the popular concept of "found film", but not in the initially macabre realities of the a-la "Blair Witch", but in deceptively cozy limits in Southern California.

13. "The Hills Have Eyes"( 2006)

The story of how an innocuous trip can turn into a nightmare. The Carter family, having entered the mysterious nuclear zone, fell into the hotbed of blood-thirsty mutants. This tape is one of the most shocking horror films, and if you do not like the bloody mess on the blue screen, then you better refrain from viewing.

12. "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"( 2003)

Five young people were trapped in the Texas countryside, trapped in the clutches of a monstrous clan of cannibals.

During filming, one of the actresses scared so loudly and loudly that people from the other end of the building turned to the police, thinking that the girl was being killed for real.

11. "30 Days of Night"( 2007)

The most horrible horror films in the history of cinema necessarily include vampire themes. However, vampires in Alaska are something new. When the small town of Barrow plunges into darkness, the time of their reign will come.

10. "House of wax figures"( 2005)

There are wax figures that frighten even the most cold-blooded man. They are so realistic that it seems now they will get off the pedestal and start talking. However, some wax figures are covered with wax only externally. ..

9. "Report from the Underworld"( 2009)

A horror shot in the style of a "trembling camera".In the apartment building, where a terrible virus has developed, turning the inhabitants into thoughtless, possessed by the thirst for animal flesh, penetrates a heavily armed special forces team. Together with them goes a mysterious man, nicknamed "Doctor."What they find inside the house goes beyond medical science. This demonic nightmare is more terrible than even the sighted special forces can imagine.

8. "Turning wrong"( 2003)

Stories about a group of young people caught in the woods( an abandoned dwelling, a gloomy mansion, etc.) and attacked maniac, mutants, ancient evil( the need to emphasize or insert) is always a success. Teenagers easily imagine themselves in the place of heroes, and older people are more interested in revealing the personality of the characters, the musical accompaniment and the balance between "meat" and "psychological nightmare"."Turn not there" was awarded a lot of praise reviews precisely thanks to the well-written characters, a good acting game and emphasizing the atmosphere of fear of music.

7. "Thirteen Ghosts"( 2001)

After inheriting the property after the death of his uncle, Arthur Criticos did not know what "happiness" fell on his head. In the basement of the house there are 12 completely non-friendly ghosts. When the doors of the house are suddenly blocked, the ghosts one by one go free. And soon one more must join their number.

Unusually in this horror that the rooms of the mansion are bright and beautiful, which does not spoil the atmosphere of the thriller, but it contrasts favorably with the events that are taking place.

6. "Curse"( 2004)

A blood-curdling story of a curse that will befall anyone who enters a house where a bloody drama took place years ago.

5. "Dead silence"( 2006)

The story of a widower who returns to his hometown to find answers about the untimely death of his wife. In a quiet town children frighten each other with a terrible story about the crazy ventriloquist Mary Shaw, who was accused of killing a boy. Subsequently, caught by the vengeful townspeople, Mary lost her tongue, and her spirit now roams the streets of the city.

4. "Paradise Lake"( 2008)

Jenny and her boyfriend Steve wanted to spend a quiet weekend in a wonderful place, by a quiet lake surrounded by a huge forest. However, their blissful rest was rudely interrupted by a gang of teenagers. Bringing their antics Steve kills a dog of hooligans and here "the evening ceases to be languid".Only Jenny manages to escape from his tormentors under the shadows of darkness. She is trying to get to the nearest town, although what she finds there may well be worse than what is waiting for her in the forest.

3. "Ghost Ship"( 2002)

The genre of "sea horror stories" gave moviegoers some of the best horror films in the world. The list would not be complete without a representative of this direction, who took the third place.

The rescue team finds a passenger liner Antonia Graz, which disappeared 40 years ago. On board they realize that the ship lives its own, gloomy life.

2. "Saw 3"( 2006)

The Dying Constructor abducts Dr. Lynn Dunlon. She must make the villain an operation on the brain. But on one condition: the operation must be completed before one of the victims of the "Saw" finishes the game he started. One of the best horror movies of the past 10 years.

1. "Mug"( 2007)

In the first position of the top 15 - an interesting horror film with a high rating for the work of Stephen King. David Drayton and his son Billy were in the supermarket, among a group of frightened citizens, who cut off from the street a strange, otherworldly fog. David first realized that there are creatures hiding in the fog - deadly, terrible, terrible, not from our world. In the face of fear and panic, David begins to wonder what horrifies him more: monsters in the fog or people inside the store?

Do you agree with our selection of the most horrible horror films in the world? Even if the answer is "no", we are sure that some of your favorites have fallen into this chart.