Top 10 films about pirates, the list of the best

Yohoho, whistle all up! We have prepared for you an excellent selection of films about pirates .The list of the best was selected on the basis of the opinion of the team. .. that is, the viewers of "Kinopoisk" and included paintings produced from 2000 to 2017.So pour yourself a mug of rum( or coffee, and maybe herbal tea - for health is more useful) and enjoy.


  • 10. Pirates( 2014)
  • 9. Blackbeard( 2005)
  • 8. The Heart of the Pirate( 2006)
  • 7. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides( 2011)
  • 6. Captain Phillips( 2013)
  • 5.Master of the Seas: At World's End( 2003)
  • 4. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End( 2007)
  • 3. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest( 2006)
  • 2. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl( 2003)
  • 1.Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead people do not tell tales( 2017)

10. Pirates( 2014)

Rating - 6.9

South Korean picture of a pirate gang led byimportant E-wills and mountain bandits who went to sea to hunt for a whale that swallowed a ship with treasures. Among the values ​​is the royal seal, which the Chinese emperor offered as a gift to the Korean.

9. Blackbeard( 2005)

Rating - 6.9

This is a story about the bloodthirsty and harsh pirate Edward Thiche nicknamed "The Black Beard".On her ship, "The Revenge of Queen Anne", he terrified those who traveled the Caribbean Sea and filled the hold with French and Spanish treasures up to the top. Preparing for the battle, Thich took with him several loaded muskets, two boarding swords and weaved two wax wicks in his beard. Lighting them during the battle, Blackbeard broke into the thick of the battle in the smoke clubs, terrifying the enemy. The film is recommended for viewing by those who like the historical chronicle and wants to learn more about one of the most famous thugs of the Golden Age of piracy.

8. The heart of the pirate( 2006)

Рейтинг - 7.2

In the yard of the 14th century. Young men Jan and Klaus Stöttebecker should go on a journey, one for study in Hamburg, the other - in a monastery. However, they are witnessing the attack of robbers on the father's house and the killing of parents. A few years later, Klaus is looking for his brother in Hamburg, and from his girlfriend finds out that they want to marry the rich man von Wallenrod, whose father may have killed Sttertebeker's parents. Klaus does not have the money to fight the mighty clan of the Wallenrods. And the young man goes to the filibusters.

7. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides( 2011)

Rating - 7.4

The first, but not the last mention of "Pirates of the Caribbean" in our Corsair top-10.Witty and enterprising, Jack Sparrow is drawn against his will in search of the Source of eternal youth, which is needed by the cruel captain Edward Tich( Blackbeard).The daughter of Tich, Angelica, was once Jack's lover, but now her daughter is overwhelmed only by daughter love. The priest, the mermaid, whose tears are necessary for the search for the Source, and the magnificent Barbossa, who lost his leg because of Blackbeard, but not charisma, also got to the motley company of the protagonists.

6. Captain Phillips( 2013)

Rating - 7.5

The plot of the picture revolves around Somali pirates who are trying to seize the container ship "Maersk Alabama".The ship's crew is resisting the invaders and not being captured. Retreating, the pirates capture only the captain of the ship Richard Phillips( Tom Hanks).And his life is literally hanging by a thread. In the reviews, the audience praises the film not only for Hanks' game, as always impeccable, but also for Somali pirates, whose roles were performed by little-known black actors. They play very convincingly, immersing the viewer into the atmosphere of that hell in which these apparently negative, but also unhappy characters live.

5. Master of the Seas: At the End of the Earth( 2003)

Rating - 7.5

This film about Captain Jack "The Lucky One" Aubrey and his fight with the French on board the ship "Acheron" is not distinguished by the reckless spirit of adventure that is characteristic of other best pirate films, such as "Pirates of the Caribbean".However, the "Master of the Seas" attracts others: dynamic battles, a description of the hardships and privations associated with maritime campaigns in the 19th century, strong male friendship and realistic special effects.

4. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End( 2007)

Rating - 8

The third chapter of popular pentology, in which the characters are sent to the rescue of Captain Jack Sparrow, stuck in the cache of Davy Jones after meeting with the monster Kraken. And between Lord Cutler Beckett took control of the "Flying Dutchman" and his formidable captain. And now all pirate ships are threatened with destruction. Spectators are waiting for epic battles, excellent dialogues and breathtaking adventures.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest( 2006)

Rating - 8.1

Above the cunning captain Jack Sparrow, a terrible threat looms again. It turns out that he once made a deal with the legendary Davy Jones, the terrible and ruthless captain of the Flying Dutchman, with whom no other ship than the

can compare in speed and secrecy. If Jack does not come up with a way out of the situation, he will be cursed and his fate will be worse than death.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl( 2003)

Rating - 8.3

The first film about the adventures of Jack. .. that is, Captain Jack Sparrow was received by the audience with a bang. And there are several explanations for this: an unusual protagonist, instantly acting, ironic, narcissistic and at the same time noble in his own way, a whole galaxy of good actors such as Orlando Blum, Keira Knightley and Jeffrey Rush, memorable secondary characters( we will separately mention the wonderful monkey-skeleton) and an exciting action that does not get bored for a minute. And what kind of music in this film, it can not be explained in words, it needs to be listened to and admired. But the idea of ​​creating this picture arose from the positive impression of the pirate attraction at Disneyland.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead people do not tell tales( 2017)

Premiere in Russia - May 25

Charming Johnny Depp returns to the fans as a successful adventurer. He feels that the winds of luck have changed him, when ghost sailors under the eerie captain Salazar begin to hunt for pirates. Salvage from Salazar can only be a mythical object - the trident of Poseidon. But to find him, Jack needs to make an alliance with the young sailor Henry and his beloved, the beautiful astronomer Kareena.