Top 10 films about werewolves, the list of the best

Werewolves, like vampires - are permanent characters in horror films. Their immense strength, endurance and anger have made these creatures ideal candidates for the title of "worst domestic pet."Werewolves can become different ways, for example, with the help of magic, be bitten by a werewolf, be damned or born on Christmas Eve( perhaps the most innocuous option).And to watch werewolves better from a safe distance, for example, sitting in front of the TV screen. We present to you ten most interesting films about werewolves , released from 2000 to 2017.The list of the best was compiled in accordance with the ratings on "Film Search".


  • 10. Little Red Riding Hood( 2011)
  • 9. Blood and Chocolate( 2006)
  • 8. Werewolf Sister( 2004)
  • 7. Birth of the Werewolf( 2004)
  • 6. Dog Soldiers( 2001)
  • 5. Another World: The Rise of the Lycans( 2008)
  • 4. The Werewolf( 2000)
  • 3. The Wolf Children of Ame and Yuki( 2012)
  • 2. The Werewolf Boy( 2012)
  • 1. The Beauty and the Beast( 2017)

10. Little Red Riding Hood( 2011)

Rating - 6.1

For a long time a small hamlet was terrorized by a huge werewolf. Then he disappeared for a long time, but appeared again. And the main character - Valerie, constantly wearing a red cloak( despite the title of the film) - is going to find out who is turning from villagers into a cruel beast. After all, the werewolf spared her and even offered to run away with him. In addition, she needs to make a choice on the personal front: the mother wants to marry her to the rich Henry, and she herself loves the handsome Peter.

9. Blood and Chocolate( 2006)

Rating - 6.3

Another variation on the topic of forbidden love between a werewolf and a man. Lugaru girl Vivienne and free artist Aiden meet in Bucharest and fall in love with each other. However, in the flock of Vivien, attachment to man is condemned and she has to choose with whom to stay - with her fellows or lover. One of the advantages of the picture is that the director shot real wolves, not computer-generated monsters. Another plus is a very good, memorable soundtrack.

8. Werewolf Sister( 2004)

Rating - 6.5

The main character Bridget( Emily Perkins) loses her sister Ginger, who was bitten by a werewolf. The girl tried all the methods of treatment Ginger and in the process of helping her caught her blood. And now Brigitte herself threatens to turn into a wild and possessed by anger and a thirst for blood monster.

7. Birth of a werewolf( 2004)

Rating - 6.6

A strong average in a selection of the best films about werewolves. The script is very simple: in the 19th century, on the Canadian fort - the only stronghold of civilization in the separated regions - bloodthirsty werewolves attacked. In the forte, the two main heroines( Bridget and Ginger) took cover, a strange Indian and a small group of settlers. In the reviews the film is scolded for the fact that the transformation of a man into a beast in the "Birth of a Werewolf" is not shown, and for a weak musical accompaniment. Cinema refers to the trilogy, the first and second parts of which( "Werewolf" and "Sister Werewolf") are also included in our rating.

6. Dogs-Warriors( 2001)

Rating - 6.7

This film has everything that is dear to fans of the genre of "horror": nightmarish monsters, blood, fights and brutal protagonist. An interesting idea of ​​the director: to combine in one film soldiers who went to military exercises, and werewolves, deserved the approval of the audience. After all, military people are not a group of frightened teenagers who will quickly be cut as a herd of sheep. Maybe they are inferior to werewolves in speed and strength, but they have a soldier's savvy and courage.

5. Another World: Rise of the Lycans( 2008)

Rating - 6.8

The unpretentious fantasy included in the list of the best vampire films, ideal for those who just want to spend time in front of the TV screen without going into deep philosophical parables and without thinking "what did the director want to say to this?" Cruel vampires ruthlessly exploit their slavery slaves. However, the young Lycan Lucian secretly prepares an uprising against his masters. He is joined by Sonya, the daughter of Victor's vampire ruler. But can two beings that are different from one another be together?

4. Werewolf( 2000)

Рейтинг - 7

Two sisters were shooting "horror films", generously spending on it red paint. But one day they encountered a real monster who bit one of the sisters. And with the girl begin to occur strange metamorphosis. Horror in this film a little, because in the center of history - the relationship of sisters, deeply committed to each other.

3. Wolf children Ame and Yuki( 2012)

Rating - 7.9

Beautiful and fascinating anime about the life of a woman named Khan who, after the death of her husband-werewolf, remained with two young children in her arms. The ignorant do not yet know how to control their transformations, and at night frighten neighbors with howling. Hana does not have any work or money, but she promised her husband to raise children worthy people( or cubs) and therefore she will have to do everything for their happiness. Separately it is worth noting the magnificent musical accompaniment of all the actions taking place in the anime.

2. Werewolf boy( 2012)

Rating - 7.9

The second place in the top films about werewolves is occupied by the South Korean film about the relationship of two young people - a werewolf boy and an ordinary girl. In the reviews, the audience praises the picture for an interesting story, beautiful music and acting. If you crave horror, blood and suffering, then do not look at the "Werewolf Boy".Suffering here if there is, then moral, from the inability to combine the two worlds - animal and human. But for those who love beautiful, emotional and sad tales, this film is recommended for viewing.

1. Beauty and the Beast( 2017)

Premiere in Russia - March 16

A fairy tale about the intelligent and independent girl Belle( played by Emma Watson).For the sake of her father's salvation, she went to the Beast Castle, about which terrible stories were circulating among the local population. It turned out that the Beast was Prince Adam, bewitched by a witch for his rudeness and arrogance. To return his true appearance, Adam will be able only if he learns to love and be loved.

Director Bill Condon went to his offspring very thoughtfully. Only to create an enchanted forest, surrounding the Castle of the Beast, took 15 weeks. Costume designers spent 12,000 hours creating Belle costume.