Top 10 movies about Vikings, the list of the best

Vikings were one of the most dangerous and ruthless warriors in the world. They lived in the Scandinavian region and explored North America long before the Europeans did it. In other words, they are ideal for both positive and negative movie characters. Nevertheless, cinematography does not often pamper us with films about the Vikings. First, most of them did not very plausible cases( in Icelandic sagas of the 13th century Vikings were called people who traded in robbery and piracy).And secondly, the audience, it seems, does not like the Vikings as, for example, vampires and werewolves. However, we compiled from the list of Viking films a list of the best ( released from 2000 to 2017), so that you for a while plunged into the world of snow-covered fjords, courageous people and bloody battles.

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  • 10. Vikings( 2014)
  • 9. Beowulf( 2007)
  • 8. Vikings vs. Aliens(
  • ) 7. Wiki, small viking 2( 2011)
  • 6. Wiki, the Little Viking( 2009)
  • 5.Valdalla: The Viking Saga( 2009)
  • 4. Ring of the Nibelungen( 2004)
  • 3. The Secret of Kells( 2009)
  • 2. How to Train Your Dragon 2( 2014)
  • 1. How to Train Your Dragon( 2010)

10. Vikings( 2014)

Rating - 5.5

Opens the top best historical movies about the Vikings story about a group of warriors who survived a shipwreck. They found themselves in hostile lands and the road to a distant friendly settlement will be accompanied by the sound of swords and the cries of the wounded. A good, dynamic thriller for those who like more action.

9. Beowulf( 2007)

Rating - 6.1

This is a partially animated version of the ancient saga of the Beowulf hero who killed a ferocious monster named Grendel. The role of the beautiful demoness Grendel's mother went to Angelina Jolie, and for the scenes with her the male part of the audience will easily be able to withstand not the most twisted plot and the abundance of pathos heroes who boast of their real and imaginary exploits.

8. Vikings vs. Aliens( 2008)

Rating - 6.3

Oh, who just did not oppose the aliens in the movies. And cowboys, and monsters, and even Gopnik from Chertanovo. So the turn of the Vikings came. The spacecraft crashed in Norway in 709 AD.e. Survivor - a soldier whose name is Kainan, hunts a monster Murven, secretly made his way to the ship and is now on Earth. However, Cainan alone can not cope with a monster. And he turns to the Vikings living in the nearest settlement for help.

7. Wiki, small viking 2( 2011)

Rating - 6.3

Kind family comedy about a kid named Vicky, the son of Halvar, the leader of one of the Viking tribes. He is not like the other Vikings, because he prefers the mind to brute force. Once Halvara is kidnapped and Vicki becomes the head of the tribe. He must find his father and find the legendary hammer of Thor.

6. Wiki, small viking( 2009)

Rating - 6.4

The first part of the story about an enterprising and intelligent young viking. Vicki does not differ in heroic growth and strength, but he is very intelligent and helps the inhabitants of his village to get out of difficult situations. This picture can be seen with young children, in contrast to the film, which stands in fifth place in the selection of the best movies about the Vikings.

5. Valhalla: The Viking Saga( 2009)

Rating - 6.7

A one-eyed warrior who escapes from slavery joins the Vikings floating in Jerusalem. On the way, they fall into a terrible storm, and then into a strange fog. After getting out of it, the Vikings find themselves in unknown lands. According to the audience, this is a rather strange and ambiguous film in which Christianity is shown not in the most favorable light."Valhalla" is closer to arthouse than to the action movie, although in the tape are very good scenes of fighting( or rather, massacres).

4. Ring of the Nibelungen( 2004)

Rating - 7.1

Beautiful screen version of the Scandinavian legend of the hero Siegfried, in love with the beautiful warrior Brunhilde and the treasures guarded by the dragon Fafnir. Search for this movie, historicity is not worth it, but as an interesting fantasy, it is very good.

3. Mystery Kells( 2009)

Rating - 7.8

This cartoon with an unusual drawing( made with the help of flash animation) tells about the abbey Kells, hidden in the Irish outback. Monks, and with them the 12-year-old protagonist Brendan, strengthen the walls of the abbey, fearing the raids of the Vikings. And one day in a quiet abode comes the elderly brother of Aidan, who keeps a mysterious unfinished book with illustrations. To complete the work on the book, you need special ink. And on their search for young Brendan.

2. How to Train Your Dragon 2( 2014)

Rating - 7.9

In the cartoon Viking settlement, things are going very well. Young people mastering flights on dragons, adult Vikings have become accustomed to the idea that dragons are friends, and not an object for extermination. And then over the settlement of the Vikings there hangs a terrible threat in the face of a dragon hunter who dreams to learn how to control flying beasts and with their help to conquer the world.

1. How to Train Your Dragon( 2010)

Rating - 8.2

For many years the clan headed by the father of the young Ikking is fighting the dragons. But one day the young man meets a kind and amusing Bezubik who changes the Viking idea of ​​dragons. It is remarkable from the point of view of animation, musical accompaniment, jokes and moral message of a cartoon. Each character has a well-written character, and the dragons have absorbed the best features from cats and dogs."How to Train Your Dragon" is suitable for young and adult audiences.